Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What the hell are they teaching our kids?

I AM NOT one of these grandma's who sit the kids in front of the tv. I do have the tv on through out the day (mainly for background noise), but little man has started to demand certain shows every day and he really throws one hell'va fit if he can't watch them. So I have been turning on these shows and let him watch them. BUT yesterday I sat with him and watched those shows.
Show 1) The adventures of Dora. A little girl with her pet monkey look for missing items using a map and a backpack. First thing grandson says is he wants a monkey. I say ok I will buy you a stuffed monkey. He throws a fit he wants one that talks! Are you kidding me?
Show 2) Go Diego Go. A little boy with his baby jaguar helping other animals outta trouble. OK PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE eveyone knows you cant have a Jaguar as a pet baby or otherwise. Everyone that is except a 2 year old.
Show 3) Spongebob Squarepants. I dont even want to go there.

So now what I try to do is find a movie that is more for his age and when he starts to yell that he wants to watch these shows I say naw lets find a movie. He yells eggo alot (meaning diego) for both dora and diego but I try to stay strong and stick with watching a movie. He does like movies and he does yell for certain movies but right now I would rather hear him yell for those movies than "eggo"
And those shows? I plan on writing a letter to all of them. I know it won't do much but I want them to know just why we wont be watching their shows.

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