Sunday, May 03, 2009

I've finally did it!

Yes after all this time I've finally did it! I've started writing a book. I've already gotten the title, the dedication page and the first chapter done. But the first chapter was about 4 pages long double spaced. SO what do I do? Single space? Write more words? Well, I set it aside for a day and decided to not actually set any thing into chapters as of yet. I'm just gonna put the words down. If and when I do try to publish it I will then figure out where chapters should be. But as for now I'm busy putting words down. (this is where one would normally say down on paper, but I am using my computer as my hand writing is getting so bad what with the arthritis and I never did have great penmanship.) Not only that but I can use spell check! Then I know for sure that what I want to convey will be correct. I've choosen a subject that I know alot about. At first I wanted to write a western romance book, but then thought I know more about cats than I do about romance.(well,ok not really) So I thought that I would pull all the years of experance of owning cats and put it into a book. I will have "tales" "training" and memories all put down on computer disc and then one day I may turn it into a book.
So be watching the next thing I may tell you is that my book has been published!


G-Man said...

OK, when you thank everybody that has inspired you, my name is spelled Galen!!

VE said...

Good for you. I'm working on my own. I decided that rather than chapters I've really got a bunch of independent stories broken into sections. Sort of like a blog but not free! I started the chapter way and like the separate story method better. I've only got 5 of them completed though; lots to still write. I only write when truly motivated to do so. Good luck on yours!

Walker said...

Good for you.
Maybe you just keep writing a rough draft and go back later to fill it in all.