Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OWIE the pain.

So I got the first two of the four tests done today. The first was quite simple it was a bone density test. That consisted of mainly like an x-ray scan. The second hurt like hell, because it was the mammogram test. NOW listen here. I just don't understand why woman have breast implants and then have to have them squished my that horrible machine. I didn't have implants but dang I'm not small by no means and damn it all it hurt!!!!! So why would you do that? What I'd like to tell these woman before they have the implants put in is this. Go have a mammogram done while you have small breasts. Now how much did that hurt? Not much? Ok now just imagine that pain times 1000.....much more painful. Would you still want those implants? I know you think that having big breasts will make you more popular (honey in a way you really don't wanna be) But the pain when you have such large breasts isn't worth it. Put your money to better use. Buy a car, guys love woman who have nice fancy sports cars! But dont invest in bigger boobs! Take it from someone whose boobs grew too big, keep the smaller ones. You wont have back and shoulder pain from your bra straps cutting into you or your back trying to hold your breast upright. And smaller boobs dont look like they are hanging around your knees either I highly doubt that small breast even sag much! And the best part about smaller boobs, Alot of times you dont need a bra and you still look sexy in just about any top you wear. Where bigger boobs seem to pop out all over the place where you really dont want them to be!


BTExpress said...

Your right, I did like this post.

First of all, no boobs are bad, too big, just right or too small, all boobs are good. That said, I was married to a woman that had DDs and know what you mean. Fake boobs suck, no matter what! They don't compare to real ones, no matter what the size.

Thanks for the tip.

Walker said...

I know what you mean. One of my exs was a JJJ i had back problems carring them around all the time to.

I hear women constanlt complain about mammograms.
I think they should just make a glove they would wear and feel around with.
Sounds like fun fun for everyone that way ;)