Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its Official

Mr Gab has put in two week notice at one of his jobs. Now mind you things will be rough for awhile and I may or may not loose the internet, but either way I'm all for him dropping one of his jobs. Why? Well the poor man was so tired lately that he was making BIG mistakes. I was starting to worry about him falling asleep at the wheel, having a stroke or even a heart attack because he really was working way way to many hours. He hasnt yet filled out the appication for the tanker job yet. But he tells me he's gonna. He has also told me he has given up on this house. He no longer cares if we save it or not. But he really doesnt want to go back to SD yet either. He says we should stay here at least until my dad passes. I'm like yeah sure ok, but if he's here another 10 years or so I'm gonna be mad! (no just kidding) I do want to move to Florida and I'd like to do it yet this year. But I understand that if we did and he passed we might not have the money to come back and then I'd feel bad and probably take it out on him and blah blah blah.
He was talking of buying a foreclosed house out close to dad, now he's talking rent an apartment till we know what we really want to do. (did I or did I not say I want to move to FL?)
Aw well.
Ive missed some birthdays.....
My nephew for one. I was at my sisters house on the Friday before his birthday and spent some time with them. But his birthday was actually Easter Sunday. And I forgot.
So B hun this is for you.........................

and many more.

and if Ive missed your birthday as well Im sorry Happy belated Birthday to you as well. Hugs everyone.


g-man said...

No job is worth your life and sanity Gale...
Please take care....Galen

BTExpress said...

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