Sunday, April 12, 2009

Again Jumping for joy

Singing in the rain oh singing in the rain...........Yeah I've done that one before. Remember?
In the last two weeks Ive been to the doctors twice. The week before last I went to see the RA doctor. They told me again that I've lost another 10lbs. WHOOOHOOOO!
Then I went this week to meet a new Doctor cause my last GP quit and went to teach grade school kids!
I again got on scale and WOW Ive lost another 3 lbs in just one week. But see it comes and goes. Not really like I loose some gain it back and loose again. I loose then I don't do anything then I loose again. Don't have a clue to what I'm doing but Hey I'll take it!!!!!

But this Doc was very good at asking all the right questions. So Two things happened!

1) this doc ordered a **** load of tests to be done( Blushing) Mammogram, sleep test,Bone density test, Colonoscopy.
She took blood while I was there and urine sample and she is testing liver,thyroid,diabetes and who knows what else.

2) I had also just gone into the hospital last Sunday afternoon because I had a migraine on Saturday that came on quickly and I had used two of my prescribed pills and it didn't do a damn thing for me so by Sunday I gave up and went in. They put in a IV. and then gave me Toradol,Benadryl,compazine,morphine. WHOOOO was I flying! But by the time I actually left (after a 2 hour wait in the waiting room) I had no headache!
So I told the doctor this and she asked me if I had a reaction to the Toradol and I said no. So she said lets give you imitrex which is a generic of Toradol and see if that works better on your headaches!
My sister already takes this stuff and just about swears by it. Funny for as long as I've had headaches you'd have thought they would have tried this stuff on me already! But nooooo they don't but my sister gets put on it almost right away when she started to have migraines!

Ah well! At least this doctor has done a complete job of checking me out. Yes I do know she kinda had to cause it was my first time seeing her, but most of the information is on the computer there at the clinic.

So now to get through each test! Wish me luck


Walker said...

Great news on the weightloss.
The tests are a pain in the ass but the drugs and two thumbs up ;)

Happy Easter

bookbinder said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! But don't loose too much weight, I don't like skinny chicks.

When your ready, remember, you still owe me my birthday picture.