Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got scared half to death

Doctors office called on Tues. Nurse told me they found something on one of my test I gotta come in on Friday. I say ok hang up and start to worry. The only test I could think it could be was the Mammogram. Then my head went into a spin. Oh god they found something and I will need chemo or something. Maybe they will have to remove one, Ooooh GOD! I mean I know I complain about them alot but dang to have one or maybe both removed? Could I deal with that? Look on the bright side, I thought to my self, no more bras, no cutting straps in the shoulders, no back pain. But would Mr Gab still love me I thought? Oh I cant wait till Friday I'm gonna go crazy.

Friday comes. I go to the doctor's. She weighs me and does blood pressure and pulse and in my head I'm screaming get on with it DAMN IT!
She turns on the computer and brings up my tests and starts talking. I have osteoporosis, and they need me to start a medicine that I would take once a week.
What? wait my heads in a fog. What did you just say?
So she tells me again and tells me that for the next 6 months I should be extra careful not to fall because my bones are so thin (brittle) that I could be hurt seriously bad! She laughs and says thank goodness its not winter because if it was I'd tell you to stay indoors the whole winter to give your bones a chance at building back up. Now I'm gonna tell you just be extra careful, we don't want you to fall.
Well hell I don't want to fall either but dang scare a person half to death will you. So I asked why couldn't they tell me this on the phone? She says privacy reasons. They can no longer tell certain things over the phone, she even told me that certain tests we have done the results can no longer be told over the phone. Guess there's too many "listeners". Now I can maybe see that with cell phones but land phones?
So once I finally get my head more cleared and she tells me the medicine she wants to start me on and that I need more Vitamin D and Calcium taken daily and she will see me in a month unless this medicine has an ill effect on me. I say oh wait. I then tell her about when I did the colonoscopy and what happened when I drank the magnesium citrate and the effects it had on me. And she said yes it sounds like your allergic to it so one more thing to add to your list of things to be highly aware of. And not to take.
Then she walks outta the room and I'm left thinking this was so wrong. They should have been able to give you a hint of what was wrong like maybe say Oh they found something on your bone density test. Then I wouldn't have worried half as much. But then again maybe I would have anyways.


G-Man said...

Gale....It's still nothing to sneer at...Take care of yourself, and take your medicine!!!

BTW....You look MUCH better than Mr. Gab...hehehehe

Walker said...

My mother takes medicine for that.
I know what you mean about the privacy thing and as inconvenient as it is its a good thing