Monday, November 09, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me?

So I've a little run with with a family member again! I swear some days I just wish that I had no family. But you know I love my "family" it just extened family that I can do with out. Now this family member is not a child,but sure acts like one. We had words and I guess what I said hurt them. Then they proceeded to say I'm going to my imediate family i.e. mom dad sister hubby. and show then what you said.
OMG just let it go.
1st off they are just words they sting but really dont hurt and if they hurt maybe you should stop and think what did you say to them? If you think the words hurt come stand in front of me and let me slap you up along the side of your head and see what you say about that. Right now in my head there are like a billion times here I would like to use a swear word! And granted I believe I have every right, but Im not sinking to their level.
On facebook they have a spot next to your name and you write what your doing/feeling and today I said Is wondering if we can take a pencil and erase our mistakes why cant we use it on certain family members and erase them outta our lives?
There were a few who agreed with me that that would be nice because it would make their lifes better.
And OH I KNOW that god throws these people these family members in our way for a reason. But for the life of me I dont know why! I know the chinese familys are very close knit and I often wonder if they ever have someone in their close knit family that they would like to be someplace else? And I wonder what they do when they face some one that is difficult? do they say words that are hurtful? Or do they do something more drastic? and are they willing to tell me? lol
But as I requested and I really hope they follow through, I want no part of said family member in any way shape or form.
after all if someone were to upset me with hurtful words I wouldnt go tell my parents ,sisters, hubby OH HECK NO.......I'd blog all about it!!!!


Walker said...

Say it like it is and if it hurts then they should be thankful they're not bent over LOL

Walker said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

VE said...

Well, my blog roll starts anew tomorrow. I'd be honored if you participate again in 2010. Leave a comment and you're on the blog roll! Thanks for visiting and commenting in 2009.

Walker said...

I think we all have someone we don't need in our family but are stuck with them because they went and married into the family.
They are the ones that usually start family problems