Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have you ever heard or seen of a PANHARD?

(click on pictures for a close up)

This is what a panhard looks like from the side. They have suicide doors. This is about a 1953. They are made in France. Very few made it to America.

Front end looks like its smiling. ( reminds me of Inspector gadgets car lol)

and this is the inside. See the dashboard. Plain not a lot to it.
and now the details.
They are 2 cylinder air cooled engines. There is no heat in these cars so not good for winter driving here in MN (or SD for that matter)
They are basic cars. No glory here. They look like the Volkswagen except longer in the front.
Now you ask How is it you know so much about these cars? Well lets see I have 2 of them.
These are not my pictures of mine. These are courtesy of Panhard club on the web.
I forgot to get the link so if you wish to read more about these cars you just need to google Panhard. It almost sound like your saying Pan nerd. But it is Pronounced PAN HARD just as it is spelled.


G-Man said...

I've never seen or heard of these cars before...
I have now!!
Thanks for enlightening ole G-Man.
Have a Great Week-End Gale...

VE said...

Wow, I've never heard or seen these either. I like 'em. Well, I did have VW bug though...