Saturday, February 14, 2009

Im lost


I've been playing a lot on facebook. They came out with this thing called Hatchlings 2009. You look through other peoples pages who have downloaded hatchlings and find eggs. You incubate them and when they hatch they are different animals. 1st it was trying to find the many different eggs they had. Now its trying to see how many I can find. I am already up to 933 eggs. Now the trick is to keep your pets alive once they hatch. If your lucky enough to find a "cheeseburger" egg to can feed your "pets" every single day. Now I had 6 of these cheeseburger eggs before I finally had my daughter come over and save it for me. She had talked to me on the phone trying to help me but for some dumb reason I keep doing it wrong. In the mean time I found out that if you already have a certain egg that had hatched and you didn't want two you could "feed" that egg to your pet. This was how I kept mine alive until daughter got my "cheeseburger" to save.Now I still get excited when I find a special egg but for the most part its now seeing how many I can find.

In other news Mr Gab had his surgery on his toe, and was home for 5 days. He went back to the Doctors on Weds and on Thurs he was back at work. BUT they didn't take out the stitches. He wore his bedroom slippers with rubbers that you normally put over your shoes. That way he was covered from the wet and yet still comfortable.

Now on to more news. So on Thursday I didn't have the kids for awhile so I thought I'd go out and get some Chinese food bring home sit in front of the tube and eat. Well, ok so I ordered the food, drove over there, got my food, got out to the car and..................Turned the key and well all the lights came on but it wouldn't start. So then I tried to take the shifting gear out of Park and put into neutral and couldn't get it to move. I freaked. I called Mr Gab (who was suppose to work at second job Thursday night) and started off telling him what was going on. I soon had myself worked into a frenzy and was crying so hard I hung up on him. He called back and said he was on his way. So I took my food inside told the people what was going on and they sat me at a table and brought me some water and I ate while I waited for Mr Gab to get there. He showed up looked over everything then said lets go home and get some tires and tow it home. He told me he thought it was the starter by the way it acted. So we drove home got tires and went back. I drove his car (which by the way is a ford wagon) and we towed the Druango home. Friday morning he goes out looks at it comes in screaming at me. "there is no oil in the car" What I say you take care of that all the time how is that possible? He thinks someone is messing with my car. Why do we think that? Well just last Saturday Mr Gab drove my Durango to work so he could fill up the gas at his store. On his way home the back tire came off. Now mind you this is the tire that just had the flat and we took it in and the guys there put it back on with one of those do-hickey thingies. You know the things like a drill? So really how could the tire come off unless someone messed with it?

I don't know any more. So I guess I'm without a car again! Hows your week been going?


Walker said...

OH NO not you to.
All my EX says now is EGGS EGGS i need more EGGSs.
She has about 4000 i think now.

Happy Valentines Day

gab said...

quick walker I need them as friends so I can find more eggs!