Saturday, February 21, 2009

Talk about Thankful!!!

I'm so Thankful. OH MY GOSH I"M SO THANKFUL.
Remember when I told you about my car? Well Mr Gab took another look at it when he had just a little more time and discovered that the thingy on top of the battery was busted. Not the cable half but the actual thing that hooks the cable to the battery. We were also lucky that we just happened to have a brand new one in my glove compartment. Mr Gab had bought it for my car long ago cause he had seen mine was wearing out but just plain forgot to replace it. As for the oil...Yes it was empty(well almost) and we put in 5 quarts and my car is up and running. Today was a long trip test(more than 2 miles from home) and I had no problems with it.

In other news:

I'm outta money to go to the Doctors and my insurance wont cover any more so I'm a hurting. I figured I gotta now live with this pain. My lawyer doesn't seem to be doing much and I'm wondering if I need a new one.
I'm not sleeping very well and find my self taking naps through out the day. I usually wait until the little guy goes to sleep before I do. and If he doesn't I wait till daughter takes them home then I'm out.

On Friday Mr Gab is seeing a Doctor on an experimental thing for hearing aids and if he qualifies its free. He will receive one of their aids. The company is called Dell tones and Ive read about them they seem legit so...I guess we will see how this goes. If he does get one he can go back over the road again. I actually want him to so we can get more money, that and the fact that Job number 2 that he does Mon Thu Fri is starting lay offs. Because he's one of the last ones hired hes gonna be one of the first to go. In fact they told him to come in 15 mins early on Monday. So we are kinda prepairing ahead of time.
I guess thats all the news for now. I'll be stopping in soon to catch up on all of your blogs. Have a good weekend


Walker said...

That sucks about the insurance not covering the rest of your medical bills.
If the lawer isn;t up to the task it might be time to concider another one

VE said...

Why can't cars work forever without silly maintenance like oil and gas and parts....