Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yes or no

So we have been bouncing back and forth between moving and staying here. Reason to move: we lost our home. Reason to stay: Our kids and grand kids. Reason to move: its time for us now. Reason to stay: daughter girlfriend's mother passed away yesterday and it just brought home how life is short and we never know when our time is up. Daughter realised it could be her mom at any time and if we move away she will loose time with me and her dad. Plus if we move we will be further away and if we fall ill it will take time to get to us if she can at all. Her girlfriend lived fairly close to her mom yet by the time she got there her mom was gone. Yeah I know all the arguments for this...its your time youve been there for your daughter all these years take your time now. But every single time I think about leaving I cry. Every time I hug any one of the grandkids I cry. it seems all I do now is cry! I am torn. I just dont know what to do.

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Walker said...

Trying to weigh the reasons is not the answer and what ifs will always be there.
I think in the end the question is what's best for you.
The answer is where you will be going, or staying.
With the advances in technology are are only physically moving away.
You can talk and see each other every day online just as if you were still there.
The reasons you stated are hollow without what's best for your health and finances.
Moving away would only increase your affections for your family especially when you do get to see them.
The grand kids would get to see more of the country when they come to visit.

I know you dread leaving them but you're really not.
Your kids need to grow as well.
You have been the backbone t hat has kept your family together and staying is desirable but leaving will make them stronger.
It's a tough choice to make but you know, if you move and don;t like it, you can always move back.
Or not