Monday, May 21, 2012

This packing crap is for the birds. Had I known 38 years ago when we got married and started going to auctions with my parents what a nightmare it would be now I would have never gone...yeah right in your dreams. I couldn't have stayed away had I wanted to. it was in my blood so to speak. Dad got me hooked on auctions when I was a kid. when I first started going to auctions dad went for Gas Engines Fairbanks Morris, John Deere and any odd named one dad could find. He got a Tom Thumb in perfect condition all (I believe in orginial)paint like new never ran. That one sat right in our living room like the trophy it was. Then he bought me one called Pontiac which was suppose to be super rare.....but it was in really rough condition. Our dream was to one day restore it. Now Im thinking lets just get rid of it. I would go looking through boxes and boxes of stuff seeing what would catch a little girls eye then beg her daddy to buy it for her. BUT the joke was on me most of the stuff I wanted no one else wanted so dad usually paid $1.00 and got it and we usually went home with much much more than we expected too, plus a bunch of gas engines. Then I fell in LOVE! Dad loved going to engine shows some times taking engines himself. We would drive to other states even to go to these shows. Just about every show had parades. They would have some old cars and fire trucks then the steam engines. Rumely Oil Pull. That was my dream tractor. I wanted one in the worst way. We had a place for it, my uncle Harold's farm in South Dakota so there was no reason not to get one. OH WAIT MONEY! they did cost a bundle, so my one dream of owning a Rumbely never came true but every other little thing I wanted at auctions I pretty much got. Think I should have an auction lol

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