Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here is the rock garden I hit.

This first pic is a little blurry...I was trying to get pic from my car on my cell.

This second one is a little better. The next day after I hit it they put up those signs. Just think if those signs had been there when I hit! YIKES more hurt I'm a thinking.

I went to Chiropractor today and it took over two hours to fill out paper work and to have him do a small exam, to see how bad I'm hurting what I can do what I can move and not move. He determind that Im going need to start in babysteps and I have to go the rest of the week. Then next week it will still be 3 times but maybe like mon weds fri that I will go. Not to sure if Im looking forwards to that but oh well I'll go especially if its gonna make be feel and move better. The poor Doc he move my right arm(even after I told him it hurt really bad)up and OMG! the tears poured down my face and he goes "oh Im so sorry, you just told me it hurt". Hopefully tomorrow he will be a little more careful!


barman said...

Good luck with the Chiropractor. I have been twice and have always walked away with a very positive impression. But to go and move your arm after you said it hurt. Maybe he just needed to confirm it. He best not do it again today. If he does that on Friday you grab him by his digley parts before he starts. He hurts you, you hurt him back. :)

Wow the rocks look a long way off teh road. You got slammed pretty hard. I hope you start feeling better.

Walker said...

I hate driving by where i had a bad accident once.
Its a pain in the butt having to think about it every time i go by there.