Monday, October 06, 2008

not posting to soon

Hi everyone this is gabs little sister c,
she wont be posting for a few days possibly.
she wanted me to let you know that today she was in a car accident.
she was on her way home from the bank when she was hit she had two of her grandsons with her.
the youngest grandson(her daughters son) had a little bump on the forehead and some bruises from his car seat belt.
the oldest grandson (also her daughters son) had a larger bump on the forehead and some bruises on the hip area from his seat belt.
gab has some cuts on her right arm a bruise on her hand that i seen,see may have had other bumps and bruises but those are the ones i could see.
i am sure she will be pretty stiff tomorrow, she was fighting nausea and she has to get up and walk before she could go home.
well when i left her the nausea won so i don't know if they were going to give her anything for that or not.
but if she couldn't walk they were going to keep her over night for observation.
all three had x-rays and cat scans and they came back ok so no broken bones or head injuries.
i guess the van she was driving is totaled.
the other driver ran a red light and hit gab on her side of the van.
thank god it wasn't any worse.
so keep her in your prayers.


barman said...

GAB and family is in my prayers. I am sorry to hear all that has happened. Thank you for letting us know what is happening.

Anonymous said...

you are welcome barman, if i hear anything more i will let everyone know.c

GrumpyRN said...

Hope the little ones are well and I hope Gab gets better soon. Tell her to take it easy for a while. I will be thinking about her.