Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm just so glad to be alive

Hi every one, it's me. A whole lot of sore and a whole lot of black and blue.

This first picture is of my oldest grandsons forehead. you really can't tell but from the nose out in like a v is how big the knot is on his forhead.

This picture is of my chest and right arm(sorry BT not enough showing but hey its enough.) To be honest the right breast is all black and blue. If you can see from my neck down is where the seat belt followed and did a number on me. There are a couple of cuts and scratches as well but they all look black and blue too. Not sure if you can pick them out.
And this one is across my tummy! (yep I have a spare tire that needs to be gotten rid of) This one has spread out in the last day or so. It actually goes around and down side of hip. again following the seat belt.

I want to thank my sister C for keeping you all informed. And it the other blog you seen the front end of my Van. Well whats left of it any ways. I will tell you two things, 1) Im afraid to drive now. and 2) every time we drive past that corner I start to shake and cry.
I know it will take time to get over it.
I've got to stop now my tail bone is killing me sitting here but I wanted to stop in and let you all know I'm doing good. Thanks all who wished me well.


robinslife said...


I am So Glad you were wearing the seatbelt though.. It Probably Prevented you from alot worse.. Hope you feel Better Soon. Love your cuz,You and Family are in my thoughts..

Walker said...

OMG what happened?
You are lucky to be alive all of you
Good thing you were wearing the seat belt.
I can'tbelievea small car did that, How fast was he flying?

Get some rest it looks like you need it

barman said...

As much as I hate what seat belts do to you when you are in accident, I can not imagine what would have happened to everyone without the seat belts. Going through the windshield would not be pretty.

I hope everyone recovers quick and, callas as it sounds, I hope the other person has some real good insurance to cover your car and you. Less callas, I hope the person that caused all this survived too.

I do not blame you for having trouble driving past that corner or even just driving. That is major trauma you went through.

Now take it easy and get better.

Anonymous said...

your very welcome sis thats what sisters are for.
now get some rest and get better soon.
love you.c

BTExpress said...

I understand Gab, but not to worry about me, you just take care of yourself for now. There's plenty of time for proper shots of your chest after you heal up. ;-)