Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok here's an update-good and BAD

Good -sorta
Ok here's what the Dr said. I gotta take it easy the next 5 days then go slow. She said the blood in urine is normal for the infection I have. The bruise on my chest is very deep and could take up to 3 months to totally heal.

Ok now on the bad note. Mr Gab and I were sleeping when my cell rang. Daughter was calling. After some stupid small talk she finally got to the point.......she had been hit! She just got this van back last week Tues and had put in about $ repairs. No one was hurt. Worse part this is her 2nd accident in like a month. Not sure our insurance company will like her much. This guy who hit her was Mexican and when the police told them to figure out who was at fault he just keep saying he felt sick and needed to go to hospital. Daughter was making a left. There was another car also making left in opposite direction, car who hit daughter was behind other guy and just as she started to turn left he shot out around other guy turning left and nailed her.

More bad news
Son's girlfriend had a miscarriage....:( no new grandbaby

Then today after school, my oldest grandson called me and was crying. Seems a friend riding his bike somehow had hit and knocked over my grandson and some how had put a cut into his leg.
I called daughter and told her to borrow car and get over to his school. She got there and then called me back to tell me he was going to hospital. He ended up getting 18 (maybe more the doc didn't really keep track)stitches. Daughter said that you could see tendons. (good thing I wasn't there I'd have gotten sick!)

I'm beginning to hate Oct. already. Hasn't been a good month for us.

So anyways this picture I have below has two meanings......
1) this is what my van used to look like.
2)If you look close enough you can see the black squirrel in driveway. I still want to get a better picture though.

I really hope it gets better here soon.


barman said...

OK, through some unsuspecting miracle, this year October only has 13 days. Tomorrow is November 1. Yea.

You don't suppose that black squirrel is like a black cat and brought you bad luck, do you?

Anonymous said...

the saying is things happen in threes this should be the end. right.

BTExpress said...

My wife was in an accident similar to your daughter's. She was hit by an illegal immigrant that borrowed the car from someone that had minimal insurance. Luckily there were witnesses that told the cops it was the other guys fault, so their insurance company paid up to the limit of the insurance.

Walker said...

Yup its a bad October but you know it could be worse.
Lets hope this is all of it and the rest of the month is sweet to you.
My parents were in a bad accident years ago and my father had a body bruise and it to took months to be gone.