Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dont know why But..........

My chest and stomach hurt more now than when I first got home. Any ways here are some more pictures of both cars

This one is her car.
This is the back side of her car when she hit me a second time around. this is her drivers side not sure why Mr Gab took this one.

Here is my drivers side. They had already straighten out the door to move it off the yard and onto the tow truck.
Front of van which I had already sent C by text and she posted for me.
But as you can see my car is a total waste. Now when Mr Gab went over to the yard where they had both cars on Thursday her car was already gone. So does that mean she is able to get hers fixed? Mr Gab told me my steering column was broke from the impact and thats why I couldnt steer us from hitting anything else. Im going to go later this week and get you a picture of the rock garden I came to a stop on. I will also try to get the whole corner so you can tell some what of how I ended where I did.
But for now Ive gotta run as I hurt and need to go rest. (only have two oldest grandsons this weekend so I do have a break from babysitting)


GrumpyRN said...

Good to know you are now back home. You are going to ache in places you didn't even know you had. Plenty of painkillers and keep active but don't overdo it. I'm sorry to say you will feel sore for at least a couple of weeks. Main thing is that you and the boys are all OK, nobody was killed and nobody was seriously injured.
Take care.

robinslife said...


Rest Please.. Get better soon, and you will feel better when you rest and relax..

Love Robin

SignGurl said...

Thank God you had your seat belt on! I am so sorry this happened to you. Hope you are doing better.

rosie said...

Glad to know u weren't any more seriously hurt,gab.Keep up posted on how u are doing.We miss ya!


barman said...

I can not believe that your innocent car took all that damage and yet her car has relatively less damage. It is just insane. Well thank goodness no one was killed.

Take it easy and let yourself recover. It will hurt for some time but you will get better. Just count your blessings as it could have been worse.

BTExpress said...

Feeling worse days later is very common. My attorney told me it may even be a month before even more things show up. SO DON'T SIGN ANY RELEASES!!!!! That's very important.

G-Man said...

Sorry about your wreck Gale, please take it easy.
BTW..I scrolled down to your naked pics...HOT!!!

rosie said...

Naked pics,Gab??? Ohh My you are feeling better!! lmao jk