Saturday, May 03, 2008

Photo Hunt - time

Well I "lost" my time this week as well as a lot of money. When we were going to go up to hubbys meeting on Weds I was taking my camera up to my dad's to snap a picture of some of his clocks. Dad has a lot of clocks.
And as you all know our Durango broke down. We managed to get it over to the dealership Thursday morning and they ran diagnostics on it. They came back will a lot wrong with it, but the main two things were the fuel pump and some valve that tells you the engine needs attention. So with that in mind they said $950.00. YIKES! Well, there went this months house payment! DANG. I wanted to try and stay ahead of the game. sheeze.
So Mr Gab said fix it. We borrowed daughter's mini van and did some of what we needed done Thursday. On Friday morning after I took daughter to work again so I could take Aj to his Doctors appointment. I had just barely gotten home after dropping Aj off at school, when the phone rang and they said our Durango was done. Total $ 975.38. Taxes I think. So I drove over to daughters office and gave her the keys to her mini van much to her delight.
And Mr Gab called about front brakes and rotors and promptly spent another $114.98. But he will install these himself when he has "time" off this week. If by chance I some how get up to dad's and get a photo of his clocks I will add it later. Hope your having a great weekend.


Walker said...

Cars are exoensive to fix and the gas prices on top of it doesn't make it any better.
Time for the horse and buggy to come out.
I bet we can get a CD player in it somehow

robinslife said...

These Clocks Are Exceptional!!!

I will have to look even more though my pics! I know I have a pic of the clocks, The rail shelf made by your father that showed the clocks.. I know I have a pic..I also have a pic of the bells that sat on aunt doris's shelf, I have yet to find it today I have been looking through pics all day for them also.. just they are probably on a CD Dad took the pics before the divorce. Crazy. Sorry Gab.

There are so many clocks, Unreal, These clocks were exceptional to say the least about. All Types, Mantle Clocks, Desk Clocks,winding clocks, Now the grandfather clocks I have no pic of I wish I did to show you all. Way too cool to miss

G-Man said...

Dodges are money pits Gabby, you should have gotten a Chevy!!

Be that as it may, just keep your oil changed OK?