Thursday, May 01, 2008


I quit I quit!!!!!
Lets see where do I start? I had some good news that was good then turned bad. Why because now my friend calls me like every 2 mins. Its like she doesn't have a life. Ive gotta get her to understand one way or another I DO HAVE A LIFE AND I'M BUSY.
Then we have 4 computers in this house and 3 of the 4 don't work. GREAT!
Then yesterday hubby and I started out to go up to his job because he had a meeting and then we were going to eat out. On the way the Durango stopped right in the middle of the road. We called for a tow truck. They said 45 mins. We tried others got the same response. Then the durango started. So off we went. For about another 20 blocks. Then right in the middle of a left turn lane IT DIED AGAIN! This time we were there over 1 1/2 hours. No police or even other drivers stopped to help. Worse part about it is that other drivers would pull right up behind us honk scream obscenities and then drive around! We not only had our emergency flashers on but the hood open.
Daughter finally came to get me and kids and we went home. On our way back past hubby we seen he was off to the side of the road and a police car was in front of him. Whew that's better.
We get home daughter is off to work at the hut. Kids and I waited for Mr Gab to get home. Soon he is home and we want to go out to eat, but oh crap wait.....we cant all fit in our stationwagon. So I called daughter to borrow her mini van. Which she had driven to work but took her stationwagon to deliver pizzas. Confused? LOL I know that feeling well. Ok she borrowed her station wagon to a guy who also works at Pizza Hut. He cooks, she drives. So he gets there parks and then when she works she drives her mini van to work and then takes her wagon out on deliveries. Understand?
Well, she couldnt come to get me, so she sent a friend. I went over then had to wait awhile for her to get back to give me keys. I finally get them head home pick up everyone else and go out to Applebees. We had a very nice dinner (last one we will get for a long long time)
Now today......I take daughter to work so I can use her mini van. Mr Gab manages to start the durango and drives it over to the dealship to have them look at it. I went and picked him up. On our way home we stopped at a few garage sales.
Once home we waited for them to call about the car.
When they called the news was there was a lot wrong with the Durango. We told them to fix the main two things wrong which was fuel pump and some valve. For a total of 950 bucks! YIKES
Mr Gab said ok go ahead and fix just those two things.
Then he went downstairs to wash another load of clothes for me and started to yell. I waited I knew he'd be up to tell me soon enough. I figured kids probably left toys on the floor down in front of the machine and he stepped on it. What I wasnt expecting was what he said......Well there goes that we dont have a washing machine now either. DANG WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!!!! Now what?
I have another washer a brand new one in SD. But of course I need the Durango to go over to get it. why me?
All donations gladly accepted, lol
OH and to make matters worse? On Tuesday May our grandson Aj's 9th birthday and mine and Mr Gab's 34th Anniversary. Im not going to worry about me and Mr Gab exchanging gifts but what about Aj? We will be able to find money for a gift? And of course house payment is due. Oooooooh my aching head
Good gosh I hope your week is better.


Walker said...

You need a cement umbrella to keep the landslide off of you gezz.
I can relate to when it rains it pours.
The good part is that the sun does eventually come out

robinslife said...

Smile, you have your family, all the chaos and all. But again it is your family (smile)

I know letting your self open to someone you have not seen for a long time may be trying for both.. You have to tell her your frustration.. that is it.

As for the rest... I wish I had the emotion Icons to address that.. way to much for me to handle in one day..

But in Gabs style again you did!

Good for you!!