Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photo hunt-share any picture

This first photo is of us as a little family just starting out. Our oldest son is about 3 there and yes I'm expecting our daughter in this photo. See my nice long hair? And Mr Gab has a mustache, and this is also pre-glasses era. How do you like our son's curly hair? Every one kept saying our little girl had most wonderful curly hair. Should have seen their faces when I said he was a boy!

Here we are with all three of our kids. Our family is complete. My hair is shorter, Mr Gab now has glasses. Oldest son lost his curls. youngest son is bald!

Here is what oldest son now looks like @ 33 years curls there.
Daughter now @31 years old
Youngest son @ 29 and yes he's still kinda bald, thats why he's wearing a baseball cap!
Here I am, no long hair for me any more.
And Mr Gab. This was taken just before his eye surgery. Try to picture him without the glasses and you will have what we all look like today. The before and after pictures! Hope you enjoyed them.

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Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Gab,

Came over from Glo's to visit you. What nice family pictures. Time does change things a bit, but we can all remain young at heart, like Glo. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Have a Happy Mother's Day!