Monday, May 19, 2008

Did you wonder?

About the previous blog posting? There are more and more places putting those signs in their windows. Some start out with "sorry we are closed" usually followed by "going out of business" and lastly followed by "For sale"
And do you know what makes me the maddest of all?
Some of these signs are on brand new homes. The big home builders are failing as well, they build these million dollar homes which no one can afford and then they cant pay those bills so they now are out of business. Now here is where I get really teed off. More and more families are losing their homes some like us have lived in their homes for many years and can no longer afford them because of higher prices for necessities. ie gas, electric, phone etc etc!
So we have more and more people living out on the streets in their cars or in shelters. People who are proud people who don't deserve to be out there but are because prices keep soaring but wages don't. And here is the kicker.......we have all these homes empty (some built back in the 1900) and then we have lots and lots of the million dollar homes empty as well yet what do I see? They are still building more of these homes. some aren't Million dollar homes but they are over 200,000. and folks cant afford those either. Another thing that gets me, is that there are these spots that you would never even believe building one home let alone 50 yet now there they are. example.....Out by my dad's where I grew up, are several spots that were swamp land. Notice I said were. Yes you got it. They pushed in a little dirt and built homes. I'm sorry but once swamp land always swamp land. You know in the future something will happen and those homes will sink or something equally disastrous will happen. You can't pay me to live there. Another spot? Driving into Mpls there was a spot that was industrial now you know where there are industrial stuff there will be seepage of junk into the ground and they are now building homes there. Aw come on what kind of crap are they pulling? Anyone who has lived here for awhile knows what all has been there. But see that's what they are counting on "new people" people who haven't a clue what was there before. Be it swamp or industrial. They are counting on the fact that these new people won't know anything and will buy these homes and move in and have a happy life hopefully for 30 or more years. But will those homes last 3o years without problems? Either way I just am not happy. If our economy is to ever get better they need to stop raising prices and stop building homes no one can afford so they can stop putting signs into their windows.


Walker said...

I know what you mean, it’s insane but they have to build more to keep all those people working that build homes. It’s nuts but they figure they have to keep the economy rolling even though there is no money to spend.
At some point though the bubble will burst.
My doctor recently took advantage of what is happening in the states buy flying down to Florida and buying a house for 300 thousand dollars that should have cost 600 grand because it was a repo from the bank and they want to recoup their money.

Here the mayor has decided that the should be raising the property taxes where we live by 30% because they say property values have risen but what he doesn’t take into account is that most of the people living here are people who busted their humps at 50 cents and hour 40 years ago to buy these homes and are now retired and getting a pension based on that 50 cents and hour and NOT the 20 bucks an hour they get now.

It's like telling those people who struggled and worked hard to achieve something that they are not needed any more.

BTExpress said...

People just don't have extra money to spend on things that aren't necessary anymore. That just trickles down to the store owners and they eventually go out of business.

A builder near Lori bought up a group of older homes, tore them down and built town houses. He's cut prices drastically, but just can;t seem to sell them. I'm sure the project was started long before the housing problems. I wonder how long it will be before he's has them repossessed?

barman said...

A store opened downtown where I work. It was a bookstore/magazine shop. I say was as it did not even last a year. With the cost of everything going up people just can not afford to do a lot of things.

I know a lot of people are in trouble because they over spent in the first place when buying a house. They should have known better but who ever expected things to get the way they are now. I wonder if Donald Trump wants to be the next president. None of the other clowns are qualified from what I can see.

SignGurl said...

Lucky for me (but not the owners), I get to make the signs. I think our business is the only one prospering. For that, I am so thankful.

GrumpyRN said...

It is exactly the same on this side of the pond, houses are not selling, house prices are dropping. They have built new houses around about me and selling them for £500000 (approximately $1000000) madness, who can afford that in this day and age. Unsurprisingly most are sitting empty.