Sunday, April 27, 2008


Oh happy dance oh happy dance...............................
I DID IT!!!!!!!
Well, you are all wondering if I went off the deep end. I didnt but Im so proud of my self! Remember the post I did a few days back titled I just dont know? (read here)
Well I was troubling over it a lot. So today I got off my butt. I'm always using the internet so I thought hey lets try for something good maybe. SO I started with I didnt get anywhere. Then I went to people search. I put in my girlfriends name and did a search. Well they came back with about 4 pages of names same as hers, and for just 8.99 I could get more information to narrow it down or actually find her. Well I just dont have extra money right now so I started to leave. But then the web site popped up a special that said for a one time use on just these names and if I had her close last known address I could pay 1.98 and get the extended information. SO I broke down and used my credit card(bank card) and paid for the list. It came back with 3 names 2 with the same phone number. So I wrote down all the information and closed out. Then I took a deep breath, said a prayer and dialed. I got a voice mail. (now here I must say the voice sounded like my friend but it's been over 20 years so I wasnt really sure)I left a message saying I was looking for so and so who used to live here and here and if you were that person please call this number XXX-XXX-XXXX and if your not that person please disreguard the message.
With in the hour my phone rang.................
We talked for 2 1/2 hours. and I told her I wanted to get together as soon as we could. I learned that she knows where her kids are but she doesnt get to see them. I know that she has been married to this guy for 6 years and they seem really happy. I learned that she lives in Mpls. Then we talked about old times. And guess what?
I cried!!!!! and was very happy I got off my butt!


BTExpress said...

That is so COOL! That's the best $1.98 you'll ever spend.

robinslife said...

Wow, Way to cool!

Hope you and your friend have a very nice visit..

Good Luck

GrumpyRN said...

Really good to meet old friends, makes you feel young again.
In answer to your questions, this lady was unwell and this can cause problems with diabetes, she was fine when she came into the department. Some people do not know when their blood sugar is dropping.
Yes, she could have died, firstly from her airway being blocked, but the brain needs sugar to function.
If you have a look at this it will tell you probably more than you want to know§ionID=1

Walker said...

Thats great.
You got to love the internet for finding people and things