Friday, April 11, 2008


Who's there? Just kidding! Just Kidding who?
We got a dash of snow last night here but other places got over a foot of snow and they say more is coming. What happened to Spring? Those poor robins I seen in my yard today are all fluffed up and look like they are totally bewildered. As are we. I am luck though.....a lot of my neighbors were out uncovering their flower beds only to have them freeze. I on the other hand always wait until the last minute to uncover stuff and mine are still sheltered. One neighbor told me "I used to think you guys were plain slow or lazy when it came to uncovering your gardens" She said. "Now I watch you and when you do yours I do mine because then it is safe. I havent lost as many flowers as I used to". Well Im glad I could help. Actually I wait so long because Im usually waiting for Mr Gab to do it! lol
This week Im very glad that Ive waited. Old man winter may not be done yet...But Ive not cleaned up my gardens yet either. I guess I get the last laugh!


GrumpyRN said...

We have a saying in Scotland, "Ne'er cast a clout till' May's out" basically means never get rid of winter clothing until June but can be useful for flowers as well.

robinslife said...

Nice, I have not planted yet either, Our Hyancianths are on our Kitchen floor right now getting their warmth and hopefully getting enough light.

They do look good so far though inside...

Good luck with your garden :-)

Walker said...

The weather is nuts, we got rain and snow but its been that way all year so who knows we may be a blizzard in July