Thursday, April 24, 2008

It looks great!

Ahhh let me tell you the new kitchen floor is looking great. Mr Gab is only 1/4th of the way finished putting down the new peel and stick tile but oh does it look nice. Well, yes I suppose when anything new gets put in it would look good but I kinda had my doubts about the color and design but it is looking good. Mr Gab had to run out to Home Depot to some well it used to be called Roc hard for filling in spots on the floor, and is now called Spackle. I always thought Spackle was the stuff you put on your walls. Either way he had to take time out for that, and you have to wait for it to dry before you can put the tile down. With the few that he has down though I began to realise that once we put down the new carpet that it will go together so well that it will flow.
So I'm looking forwards to seeing the end results. I will of course take pictures of the end product.
Then I was looking through Home Depot's ad (which we got after he went there) and they had the right size Vanity and sink at a very nice price(in other words fits our range)So Mr Gab is thinking of running over there and picking one up. We do want to remodel our bathroom anyways, and even add another bathroom.
The inside is starting to look as good as the outside.
Now some small updates.....I chickened out on my dentist appointment. Why? Well, something they said and did has made me uncomfortable. So I plan to look around for a different dentist.
Mr Gab has gone to his recheck appointment and all is going well with his eye. He says he's still having a little problems reading but all in all its all good.
Aj has his next eye appointment May 2nd and I think they will say all is well with him as well.
My Doctors appointment is May 20th (I think) and I should have a good report as well. I'm not in much pain unless I over do it. I can eat a whole plate of food (small portions)without getting sick. And my blood pressure is down,so all in all I'm doing good!
Hope your all doing well

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Walker said...

Everything sounds good good good.

New floor is looking good and everyones yes are looking good.

If you chickened out of the dentists appointment it must have been for a good reason.

Ihop you have a nice weekend walking all over your new floor and using your new vanity :)