Saturday, April 26, 2008

UGH come on already enough is enough

Well we had more snow last night. Just enough to make the ground all white again. Thank god we aren't in SD where I heard that Watertown had 10 inches of snow! Now Watertown is 110 miles east of our house in SD and about 105 miles more or less from our farm. Oh poor poor people of SD. See now again if you remember I told you we were snowed in long time ago when I was a kid, well it was like either April or May that it happened. And like I said that turned out to be a nightmare as my youngest sister was bit by a dog when we finally returned home and she had over 3,000 stitches in her head then she got really really sick. The worse part was the dog had already bit three others, and was considered dangerous and should have been put down. Now the even strangest part? The people who had the dog on their property ( they really didn't own the dog but kept it there after it had bit the 3rd person) They are now my brother in law and sister in law. Yes that's right It was Mr Gab's Brother! In fact I used to babysit their two girls. I was the babysiter turned Aunt! Now hows that for weird?
ahhh the awful memories of that spring so long ago.
Do you see why I want to move to FL?

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