Sunday, April 13, 2008


It's Sunday night.....the night we set the garbage out to the road. Ahhh but Mr Gab is working at the station and wont be home tonight because at 1:30am he will be trucking. So he is going to sleep in his car. Well, he called and wanted me to bring him some supper and take home some bananas that they should toss, but would make great banana bread. So the older two boys and I went out there as daughter and younger two boys had taken off earlier to do something. While I was there I fill up with gas to the tune of 54.00. But hey wait there will be a discount, not much but a discount none the less.
Then the boys and I started for home. As we were driving along I said "Oh yeah it's Sunday and grandpa wont be home so you all need to put out the garbage". They said "ok". But when we got home and oldest grandson went to open back door he slammed it fast and said "Oh no grandma I'm not going out there"! I asked "why"? "Because the raccoon is sitting right by the back door." SO I brought in the bananas and I went to the back door to have them yell..."DON'T OPEN IT"!
But I of course don't listen. I opened the door and at first I didn't see a thing. Then I realised he was sitting right there in front of me but down one step. I screamed and he jumped off the step and waddled to the middle of the yard and turned to look at me. Well, I screamed again, and he moved over to the junk pile that we have sitting there (this is a pile of copper, aluminium, & steal to be recycled). And stood there watching me. I picked up the bag that someone tossed out without putting into the can and I put it in the can then I told Tj the oldest grandson to push it to the street. I could see him there by the pile most of the time but when grandson took can to the street, I couldnt see him any more. When grandson came back he said the raccoon was already in the neighbors yard. I said I just hope he doesnt dump our can over! SO I gotta make sure that whom ever takes the trash out that they put it in the can so that we can get the raccoon to stop visiting our house. At least he's outta the garage!


robinslife said...
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robinslife said...

Way too cool! It is just like being at your moms with the Skunk I was so terrified of.. Gosh.. The creatures, just Love it!!

Sorry the first posting cause a bit of difficulties.

Todd was in the Kitchen Ouch.

Walker said...

My friend has a racoon in the roof of her garage and a family of skunks under the house.

I am waiting fo the bear to move in and break a bed or two lol