Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring at last-I hope

I seen a Robin that's gotta mean spring is finally coming riiiiiigggggghhhhhttttt??????????
I'm really tired of the cooler than cool weather we have been having, cause Ive gotten another cold because it cant make up its mind! Ahhh well.
Went to the dentist today I need two root canels and they want to do them both at the same time. They want me to take valuim before I come in, says to relax me so my back will let me sit for 1 1/2 hours straight! Fun I think not. Thats set for April 14th. Something to look forwards to.


barman said...

SPRING is ON ITS WAY! I have not seen a robin yet but I have seen several other birds and their song has returned somewhat. But what did I see that convinces me that Spring is back???

The hot dog vendor that sets up his cart at lunch time outside and takes afterwards and hauls it home. Yep, it is official, spring is here.

I feel for with with the double root canal. Oh joy, and it is on a Monday no less. Wishing you well when they do the procedure.

Walker said...

At least you have a date LOL

I gave up on the weather and spring so I turned the inside of my house into a jungle