Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Long time ago when I was a little girl, and even before then, it was customary for the man to take care of his wife. He went to work made the money, she stayed home & cared for the house & kids. Then women got a little Independence and they went out to work. Now a days both husband & wife need to work to make ends meet. Leaving the poor kids who either were lucky to have family care for them or day care. I have heard more than once "I really don't know my mom and dad, they always are at work."
I had a girlfriend who lived down the street who's dad went to jail because her mom had wrote bad checks. Every night her mom hit the bars and it was not unusual for he to bring home an "uncle". My parents drank when I was real little, I know this for a fact because I have seen home movies of it. But after my sister D was born I never seen them with a drink of liquor. Many days and nights she was at our house. I never thought our house was considered normal but to her it was. My dad went to work everyday came home every night. We had supper together most nights. We took family vacations together and a lot of times included her. When her dad came home from jail when she was in high school,Her mom stayed home but now both her parents were drinking. There were many nights they were passed out by 5pm. One night all that was in the house for her to make to eat was a box of butterscotch pudding,so many nights she would call and ask if she could come and eat with us. She would leave a note and come over but when she got home her parents were usually in the same spot she left them. When her parents died she kinda drifted. I heard she got married and had some kids, but then I also heard her husband was arrested for trying to kill a neighbor, and her kids were taken away. I haven't heard about her or from her in a long time. Sometimes she pops into my mind and I wonder what ever happened to her. My family had problems but I was truly lucky.


katie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!! you are too kind. :)

I grew up in a highly dysfunctional family. not like your friend's here, but dysfunctional all the same. i knew and saw too much at an early age. now as an adult i am trying to break the cycle. trying, anyways.

Great post!!

Walker said...

Great post.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree but i know thats not true because apples usually roll away.

Many people have had it hard but who they are even though enviroment has a little to do with it is who they want to be.

robinslife said...

Well, If she has popped up into your mind, why not try to see if she is OK, Sounds like a real hard childhood.. And you came through to her as a great friend!

I am sure she keeps that in her mind even after all of this time..

Nice Post..

G-Man said...

Kinda makes your life look like Ozzie and Harriet does it not?
Take care...G

barman said...

It is tough these days. It seems kids are allowed to do what ever they please and the parents seem to be missing in their up bringing. But what are we to do with how much everything costs. When I was just out of high school you rarely saw the women working. As a matter of fact I rather resented women working because the guys were the ones earning the living for the family. Thank God I out grew that.

Anyway if we look around we can always see people that are doing better and others that are doing worse. Sometimes however the people that we think are not doing so well are really the ones that were blessed after all.

Nice post Gab. It sure makes one think.

BTExpress said...

That's a sad story. I hope she's okay.