Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Im rested but busy as heck

Well hello all you nice blogger people! I have stopped at a few of you while I was resting and left a comment.
I am rested as my title says but boy oh boy am I busy. We have bought tile for the kitchen floor and as soon as Mr Gab isn't working we will put that in. We only got some cheap peel and stick stuff, but hey the last peel and stick we had down lasted 10 years, so it cant be all bad!
I'm also packing stuff out of the living room. As we do have new carpet to lay, and we will need to move entertainment center and blah blah blah. lol. Some of the stuff I'm packing away is daughter's and she moves out June 7th. So that stuff will stay packed. Heck it all may stay packed!
Then Ive gone through my stuff to see what I think might sell and will be taking pics and listing them on E-bay.
In between all that Ive been separating my coins. When Mr Gab drops them on the bed, I pick them up and toss them into a large Holiday drink cup. When that's full I go through them and separate the silver from the copper. I also separate the half dollars from the quarters,dimes,nickles. And if I'm lucky enough to get gold dollars or Susan B Anthony dollars or Kennedy half dollars, I separate them as well.
Then on to the copper. I go through and look for all the wheat pennies and toss them into a container to add to what I have in my safe. The regular pennies go into empty pickle jars(yes the jars have been washed and dried out!)
And last is my funny money. Which when I find I add to my funny money jar which is actually an old jar once used for coffee. Now what you might ask is funny money?
NO! its not fake money although some times I wonder. No, Mr Gab sometimes gets money from other countries. Like the yen that he brought home. And then there is the Canadian money I have. Mostly pennies of course, but I have some other coins that say Canada on them. Not sure how much they all worth but hey they are fun to look at and if I ever get to Canada I'll have a start on money to spend! Hope your week is going well.


barman said...

Sounds like lots to do. I have been a tad busy myself. I bet putting down the peel and stick is a bit like painting a place. It will pick that room right up.

I have a ton (almost) of pennies. I have silver too but not like the pennies. I have been through part of it for wheat pennies and other famous pennies. I should go through all of it however.

Good luck on the activity.

Walker said...

Are you sure you didnt find my to do list? lol

I hope your're not the one whose going to be down on the floor putting in the tile.
=That's hard on teh back.
I had peel and stick flooring in my bedrooms and took it out and added carpeting 4 years ago.
Now I have to put a new floor in the kitchen and was thinking a cork floor if its not to expensive or maybe a just go to hardwood flooring like the rest of the first floor.

I have a jar filled with funny money from everywhere almost and while in the garden i found a Canadian penny from the 1800s

Nice to see you stop and keep us up to date

jillie said...

Oh man, house remodeling and work! We're going to be starting some of that soon and I am SO not looking forward to it. We have carpeting to rip out upstairs and then install hard wood floors (not sure how well that's going to work with all of the dogs) and then refinish the stuff down stairs. THEN the outside begins...AGAIN! UGH!

If you get bored, you can always come out to CA and help...lol!

Thanks for all of your comments. I've been meaning to stop here for some time but I get so far behind myself...

Have a nice day Gab! xo

G-Man said...

American money will soon be funny Money..
'Hi Gale'...xox

BTExpress said...

My father didn't spend his change a every day he put it in a piggy bank. By Christmas he'd have a few hundred dollars and use it to buy presents.