Thursday, April 10, 2008

I can get myself into all kinds of questionable stuff.

When I'm overly tired I start to think to much. I started wondering why we had all these problems when the answer was so easy. In fact I was going to write a book and title it: It's so easy. My first problem that I seen as being easy was the crooks. Now why can't we give them "truth serum"? I mean come on after all we would know for sure if the person was guilty or not and guilty of exactly what. So instead of having all these people wasting their money hiring a lawyer to get out of what ever it is that they have done and go free to do again. We give them truth serum and find out for sure then lock them up. No need for lawyers! Can you imagine if you caught some guy who robbed a gas station and gave him the truth serum and found out that that was one of many jobs he pulled off but no one had a clue? Well until now that is. We could clear up all these cold cases. Ah but I know there would be someone out there who would say invasion of privacy. Well, would it be invasion of privacy if it had been your wife that died and you wanted to know who done it? Or how about all the children who were killed? We might now find out for sure who did it. Oh I gotta go to sleep! But thing is I will start to sleep get woke up and lay there and start thinking all over again. I will start wondering why we spend so much money to put junk into space when our children our suffering here on earth in our school system.
Do you know how many kids who are in high school who cant read? We need more money in our schools to pay our teachers to teach the kids and get extra help for those who are sliding by.
Or I'll lay there wondering why we keep these people in our government who refuse to help us lower gas prices. Have you ever seen the E85 gas? Have you seen it lately? Why? or why not? Who is stopping us from using something that's good for the environment? How many green cars do you actually see on the road? Or for sale for that matter. I remember not to long ago an ad for a car that was going to save us lots at the gas station.( I don't remember which one right now but)where is it? They ran those ads so much I figured that's all what we'd be driving by now. Instead I haven't seen any more ads, nor the cars! Why? Who stopped them? What is going on? Oh no its starting again.....I'm thinking to much. I have more I could put out there but I think Ive been up on soap box to long. If you care to leave your comment please feel free to do so. But again remember these are just my opinions and my wondering. I'm neither right nor wrong. Just curious. And trying to go to sleep


SignGurl said...

You have some valid points. I have no idea why we waste so much money bringing criminals who confess to trial. It makes me sick.

I hate the fact that we are spending billions of dollars on space when our kids are suffering, too. Who cares if we are the first to Mars or not. I care that we, as a country, produce children that will prosper.

You know why we aren't seeing those cars on the roads. The oil industry has paid someone off to keep the gas guzzlers on the roads. Ugh!

Great "thinking" post, Gab! I hope you have been able to get some sleep.

barman said...

Some people do not test well and would end up being guilty. On the surface it sounds good however.

I am afraid I am going to be the villain on this but I think space exploration has contributed a lot to where we are right now with even more to come. Schools are important too and we need to focus on that but we also need to focus on the parents. I am sorry but the kids should know a whole lot more than they do when they get to school. Parents should be getting more involved in their kids and their schooling too. Also teach them to respect others. Put that together with more investment in schools it would be a great thing.

Here is something I listened into last weekend. There were two guys talking about the car they wanted to own. What was it? A H2. They even said who cares about gas mileage. It is the American people that are killing this every bit as much as the oil industry. You will see more and more "green cars" as time goes on but it just takes time and changing our mentality.

As to the E85 it is a FAILURE. They need to change what the E85 is made from before it will be a viable alternative. The problem is it takes a lot of fuel and processing (fuel) to produce Ethanol that is used in E85. Also E85 only produces 70 to 80 percent of the energy that gas produces. That is if a tank of regular gas would get you 100 miles, E85 would only get you 70 to 80 miles. If they would only make the change to switchgrass instead of corn the E85 would have a chance to make a difference. I have an E85 vehicle but price wise and even oil consumption wise there is no benefit at this time.

You know it has been a while since I could not stop myself from thinking. It is like your brain is on high and you can not shut it off. I hope you find your off switch soon. Great post.

Walker said...

Alot of good questions and I know there are just as many good answers fo both sides.

There is no such thing as crime.
Only rules that get broken.
Laws are a creation of man but in our natural state without rules and laws killing and stealing is a normal way of survivaal.

Law and rules were made to keep the peace.
The truth serum thought sounding like a good idea would violate many rights especially if you are innocent and if we forced people to tell the truth, who’s to say the won’t force us to do other things.
If we loose all these rights, then why even have a bill of rights or constitution?

It’s a catch 22 situation besides no crime would be a nightmare.
I don’t know if you remember my post about the criminals going on strike and going out to find legal jobs.
If all the police and lawyers, guards, all forms of security were not needed all of a sudden, how would these people find work?
Crime is an industry and we all know it.
What we do is get rid of the worse like the child molesters and othedr sick MFs out there.
The even have a statue of limitations; I think it’s seven years.
It you did a non capital crime and seven years have past they wont charge you.
Say you stole a million bucks and they never caught you after seven years, well they can’t charge you but that’s a trap to.
If they find out later they will charge you income tax along with seven years interest which usually amounts to more than what you stole and if you can’t pay it they will toss you in jail.
This way criminals can’t gloat about it either.

These lawmakers have put a lot of thought into confusing our lives LOL
What they need to do is to act faster and catch them before they can do a lot of damage.