Friday, January 24, 2014

Any time now Enough is Enough.

Below home from school.......bundle up so you don't freeze.....when the hell is it gonna end?
We don't have a lot of snow maybe about 3 feet. But it is so damn cold. colder than I can remember and I remember a lot!
I am NOT one of those people who go around saying I remember when I was a kid I had to walk 10 miles to school in 30 below and 8 feet of snow. LOL no that would be my dad. Now granted I don't know for sure if he ever had to do that, but he sure like to make that point a lot because I would ask him for a ride to school and my school was only 1 mile from our house and I could have walked or even taken the bus. Well except if you had ever been on our bus you'd know why 3/4 's of us walked! our bus driver was a manic. she would pull out in front of on coming cars and say well now they better stop because I'm bigger than they are and the bus will do more damage to their car than their car to the bus and crap like that! and then their was a guy who drove it before her and he would leave his pipe in the bus and she would toss it out the window and say stinky shit. so disrespectful! Plus she liked to see how fast she could get the bus going from one corner to the next then slam on the breaks!
So most of us walked rather than ride with her.
So asking dad for a ride in the winter got you a long winded story about how he had to walk to school in worse weather than what was going on that day!
He always gave me a ride but I always got a lecture too.
Dad had his rules:
Dont drink, Dont smoke, Dont swear, Dont have sex, Dont get pregaunt while in school. Funny thing was he was giving me "Bock" beer when I was 12 so dang there went that one! and the swearing well....I did but not around dad till I hit 15. The rest I did really well on I never did smoke and the sex waited till I was 18 same with getting pregaunt. I was 19.
I wonder what dad would be saying about all this cold weather? I know he would have some answer to why. He always had an answer. it might not be right but he had an answer!

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