Friday, January 31, 2014

are we stupid people?

So the other night I was cruising the internet, and this title caught my attention"people you are stupid"
So I stopped to read it.
It talked about we already have the cures for all major disease. And to give money to any of them is a waste of time and your money.
I was like WHAT? So of course I had to read on.......
The person who wrote this said think about this if you will, think of our president our congress well for that matter any government official do you ever hear about them getting sick with major disease?  NO YOU DON'T!!! This is because they already get the cure for anything they could Get sick with.  Now think about this why does our presidents need  secret service after they leave office......1) so they can keep reciving any medicines they may have gotten while in office to keep their health so no one ever finds out. And 2) so they never disclose that these cures exist. Then when they are up in age where it is more approperate for them to get sick n because of age die sooner then they no longer feel they are a threat.
Now this got me thinking....could this be true?
And so off went my thinking.....and trying to cruise to see if I could find anything to back it up. I found nothing plus I lost the artical which I read this.

OK now here is my I got a tablet! I am having fun learning how to use it........BUT I should have gotten a keyboard!


Walker said...

The person who wrote that is stupid in my opinion. Yes there are preventative medicines and we get vaccines for them. If you take care of yourself then you are getting the best medicines.
True people with more money have access to better medical facilities but Mr Jobs founder of Apple computers is dead from disease and he was rather young.
Presidents still get secret service protection because once they are president they are still vulnerable even after their term in office and still called president even if they don't weld the power they once did.

I have had my tablet not for a couple of years and enjoy the mobility of it and yes i got the keyboard lol

Hamid Mehmood said...

You should ask the arthor weather he lives president always. Ofcourse he is a greatest stupid. President has a lot of work to do. He can not come to his houe to tell him that he is suffering from fever or some other disease. At the age of 40 humans builds up naturally. But after 40 solowly solowly they come down. Their glands broken due to age factor and could not be build. Diseases attack mostly after 40s. Its not mean that President is not a human. And he did not suffer from any disease.