Sunday, January 19, 2014

I think every thing is going to hell

You know we see more and more about people going off the deep end and going out and shooting up places and killing innocent people. and everyone blames guns.
Then you see things like nurses who are stealing drugs to either support their own habit or to sell for big bucks. Who do they blame? the drugs and a lot of these nurses are put back into the system and are still working.
Now today I read something that turned my stomach so bad that I hope to hell that I NEVER EVER LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO BE IN A NURSING HOME.
The nursing assistants are abusing the residents. WHAT?
I remember when I was a nursing assistant. I was there to care for those who could no longer care for themselves. I took pride in being able to do for them what they no longer could do. In fact I was embarrassed when I had to wash a man's private area. I would say something like "ok I'm going to wash your family jewels now ok? Some would laugh at me others were grateful I didn't just grab and start washing. like some of the other girls did. In fact I was requested more and more by the men and women there because I was careful and because I was embarrassed and because I RESPECTED THEM!
That was the big thing I RESPECTED THEM! at all times. it didn't matter how far into their dementia they were I still respected them. I would talk to them as if they were still with us.
My feeling were these older people were people who went before us. They knew of harder times than I will ever know. and sometimes when they had good days they told stories. it didn't matter to me that they thought I was their daughter or granddaughter I listened and sometimes cried.
I RESPECTED THEM I honored them.
So to know that there are people out there now who are abusing residents bothers the hell out of me. What are these people thinking? and for gods sakes what are they getting out of it?
I know the frustrations of changing an old persons diaper and being upset that it was icky. But it was part of my job and I knew that going into the job.
and I also knew about those with dementia being combative and can possibly hurt you but you know that going into the job as well. SO if you already know this and this is why you are now hurting them or abusing them then God help you! Because I knew and I accepted it and when something got to be to much I asked for a quick break and walked away because I cant blame them. They no longer know what they are doing. and those who do don't you think its an embarrassment for them to have a young person change their diaper? don't you think they would rather die than live like this? But they are still here because God hasn't called for them yet. And they have to rely now on you to take care of them and they don't like it any more than you do. But if you have compassion and respect for these folks you can make it through the job. But to Abuse them NO NO NO.
I hope I never ever have to live that way. I hope God takes me long before I need to live that way. I pray for that.


Walker said...

I have heard of things like this happening in nursing homes.
Without trying to defend any of these people who are abusing the elderly i think its the companies who run these nursing home who are to blame.
Because of their greed to make more money they cut staff back forcing the staff they have to do more than they can and in some cases hire people not qualified to care for these people.
It doesn't excuse the people who abuse these people when they are supposed to care for them.

Hamid Mehmood said...

You should complaint that kind of bastered. Actually there is a fault in parents. They do not educate them in the child hood. Any how dont feel angry and be happy.