Saturday, January 11, 2014

11 days in Whats new?

We are 11 days into our new year. Whats new?
Our oldest grandson is talking of moving out at the end of this month. I AM NOT HAPPY!
He is moving out mainly because Mr Gab has NOT kicked out our oldest son and his girlfriend and her two boys who were never to be here to begin with (the boys not the other two they were told they could stay 30 days well their 30 days expired 5 months ago but for some reason Mr Gab isnt doing a damn thing)
And speaking of THAT! I have threaten to move out myself. He says GOOD BYE
I dont think he believes I ever would.....well I would if the weather was better I would go home to South Dakota. I would live on the farm in my camper. I would figure out what to do by next winter if it went that far! BUT I WOULD DO IT!
Not just threaten because Im damn sick of this crap they dont help clean they cook but they make all the food so damn spicy I cant eat it. When I bitch and complain they "forget" the next time....and when they cook they dont clean up I have left dishes for 3 weeks (ISHY)
Finally I yelled at my oldest son You can never ever cook another meal in this house I dont give a damn if you f***en starve! He goes why. Mr Gab goes because your mother and I are the only one doing the damn dishes for more people than we need to be doing dishes for. He goes well gee all ya gotta do is ask. F**K do you know how many times I have asked? and asked? and asked? And he has never ever come out of his bedroom to do dishes!well that night he did dishes. then made spaghetti and didnt do the dishes afterwards! GOD I AM REALLY HATING THAT KID OF MINE!!!!
I told everyone that if they arent out of my house by the end of this month the sheriff will assist them out. and Im sticking to it.


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