Friday, November 07, 2008

Busy last few days & great news

Sorry I haven't been here for a bit...but yesterday I had a meeting to go to for my handicapped sister D. Both my youngest sister C and our dad were there too. After the meeting I dropped of Mr Gab and went back to my dad's where he took us all out to eat. Now by all I mean not only my sister and him but myself and 3 of my four grands that I babysit. The baby had gone home with his daddy yesterday.
After lunch we went back to dad's and chatted awhile then I took off to my girlfriend S's house. I didn't get to stay as long as I wanted because I had to have oldest grandson back here before 6(pm) as he was going out with his Big(big sister big brother program) And the other two boys were going to their mom's for awhile. After everyone was gone I drove back out to Fridley to pick up Mr Gab. Then we came back home. I had Mr Gab drive home because after I drove all day my neck and shoulders were hurting pretty badly. I was so glad I had an appointment for the chiropractor this morning.
Good News: Well while I was at my chiropractor appointment Mr Gab was here working on the Durango. Now it's not totally fixed but its fixed enough that I can drive short trips. Before Mr Gab went to work I said "hey now I have the car back but no money". He asked what I needed money for and I said I had wanted to take the kids to the movies as Madagascar Escape 2 Africa came out. He handed me the money and said have fun. SO I took the boys to see the movie. I haven't been to the theater in awhile, but hey even if its a kids movie it was fun and I laughed! Even if your all grown up this is a very good movie. Course it would help if you've seen the first one. Grandkids are still singing "I like to move it move it" Lol and I catch myself singing it too.
Have a great weekend everyone


barman said...

Glad things went well with the family and you had a chance to get out. Yea about the car. And great you got to see the show. I did not see 1 but that song is so infectious I might just have to go see it.

A local radio station made up a thing they play when ever they are giving away something. "I like to bribo, bribo. I like to bribo, bribo..." Man it just gets the blood all a pumping when they play that song when they are about to bribe you to watch the show.

Glad all is well and you are back.

Walker said...

We never stop being kids we just don't show it as much as we used to.

I hope the meeting went well and it was nice of your father to take you all out to lunch