Friday, November 14, 2008


This week has been crazy....I've been sick with the most awful cold and sore throat! I missed most of my appointments with the chiropractor. In fact today was the first day all week that I was feeling good enough to go. When I got home at first I was a cussing out the Doc because he did an adjustment on my neck and at first I had the most awful headache,but after a short nap I felt a whole lot better.
My sister C called yesterday, my dad lost of of his cats.....He was so upset because he couldn't find any of them so he thought all 3 had died! After awhile one of the 2 still left came out of hiding and dad cheered up some. I told sister C that we should go get a cat and sneak it into the house and then when dad(if he even noticed) said hey what cat is that we'd say "Oh don't you remember ?" That's so and so. LoL
Our oldest son came and spent one night. I was sleeping in my chair while kids were at school and he did some dishes for me. Then yesterday while Baby was still with his daddy grandma did some oh man did I sweat it out. But I got a lot of cleaning done.
And all of the family has started to plan for Thanksgiving...I'm not really into it this year for some reason. Although I've started talking about decorating for Christmas already something I don't normally do until after Thanksgiving! So any way thats how my weeks been going...How's yours?


Walker said...

Its a nasty time of year for flus and colds you got to watch yoruself.
I hope you 're 100% soon.
I am not decortating this year or maybe throw some tinsle on the cactus and watch the cat try and get it without impailing herself.
Sorry about your fathers cat.
I don't know about trying to fool him though LOL

robinslife said...


It always gets better if you will it to be.. Try it Smile and Believe.. Love ya

your cuz

Robin :)

barman said...

Glad you are doing a little better. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I need to find a couple of things I can do for Thanksgiving to take the load off of people. I look forward to getting together with family again however.