Friday, November 28, 2008

A Late Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to my brother

Hi everyone hope your Thanksgiving was good and that you all had plenty to eat. Hope you didn't stuff yourself too much. I was up at about 5:45am and started the turkey. I then did some dosing,in my chair until daughter came over to pick up the pie that I had forgotten to bake night before. Mr Gab worked the overnight shift and had gotten home at 6:45am and went right in to bed. He needed all the sleep he could get before they all showed up. When daughter and youngest son and family had gotten here, daughter had asked me if I had called her older brother. I said no. Well she tried and got a message that he was out of minutes. So I said don't worry if he isn't in jail he will be here its free food. Sure enough about 1/2 hr later he was here with his girlfriend. We ate about 1:30pm and then we just all kinda sat around doing the memory thing about when my mom was still alive.How she always cooked goose and I never had an actual Thanksgiving turkey dinner until Mr Gab and I had been married about 10 or so years. We talked about the scalloped oysters that grandma always made and how that was one of the things we carried on.
Our Daughter's cell rang. She was like now what? She answered and soon she was very mad. And when she got off phone she was yelling. What we all got was that baby L who was with daddy had gotten hurt and was on way to hospital. She had thought "daddy's" Motorcycle had fallen on him.
So while we all waited and worried she had gone out there to see what happened and how bad he was hurt. 2 1/2 hrs later she called to say it was "daddy's" Mountain bike that fell on him and he had 4 staples in his head. Awwwww poor baby!!!!
Any ways she got back (without the baby) and they stayed only about an hour more. I had fallen asleep in there during that time and I think Mr Gab might have been asleep as well.
So everyone went home. I said to Mr Gab "wow I think that's the first time in years that we've had a Thanksgiving dinner and no one started a fight" I had to tell youngest son only twice to lower his voice. Daughter called back at about 9 and said "did I just dream that or did we make it all the way through dinner and the day without anyone fighting?" I said yeah amazing huh?
Lucky spent most of his day in the kennel. There were way to many people for him and he started to have accidents alot. So he stayed hidden.
When we got into bed all of a suddened I realised that it was also my brother's birthday.
So I had to call him today and wish him a happy late birthday. He had had a busy day yesterday and said I may have not even gotten him. So I guess forgetting until so late was a good thing.
I didnt shop Black Friday. Heck I dont like getting up early as it is and I never have money to go shopping on Black friday. What I did was go to my chirpractor's and came out feeling somewhat better. The pain is still there almost as bad as day of accident. But I have my good days and my bad, more bad than good.
So there ya have it I truely hope you all had a good turkey day. Have a good weekend!


BTExpress said...

I'm sure it was an accident that the bike feel on the baby, but it was a preventable accident. Kids have to be kept away from things like that.

SignGurl said...

Glad the holiday turned out well despite the accident.

Walker said...

I'm glad you had a nice day with he family and sharing some memories.