Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh Happy Day.....

Oh Happy Day, I'm Singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain. Dance to the music.....Ok your thinking she's gone off the deep end.

Gab is happy! Very Happy!

I went to the doctor's yesterday,my rheumatoid doctor!

The nurse tells me get on the scale..........Gab takes off her jacket puts her purse aside and gets on...............................peeks through her eyes and sees...............

"I'm not sure but I think I've lost some weight" I tell the nurse. She says yes I think so lets go see.

So we go back into the room where she takes my blood pressure, takes my pulse, and takes my tempature.
Then she brings up my last visit (to see him) and says "yes you've lost 20 lbs"
Then she counts on her fingers Oct, Nov, Dec...In two months she tells me you've lost 20 lbs. Have you been trying? (I was there on Oct 1st)

Trying,trying are you kidding me I'm at least 150 over weight of course I'm trying.
No I say, I stopped trying. When I tryed I seemed to gain more weight each time so I stopped trying.
Well, she says I guess that has worked for you great job!
I mean talk about putting me on top of the world! YES!!!!!!
Sooooo hows your week?


barman said...

That is increadible. I know how hard it is for women to lose weight and as we get older it is harder too. That and you are not as active as you probably were when you where younger. Either way I think doctors only want people to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week so you did that and just a little more. Congrats Gabby.

I am afraid to get on the scale after Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact I think the scale is hiding on me.

Have a great day Leo ... I mean Gabby.

BTExpress said...

HOLY CRAP! Good going girl! I learned a long time ago that a good healthy, low fat, high fiber with portion control is a good start to weight loss. Then there is eating smaller meals, more often. Never skip a meal, especially breakfast.

That being said. I need to eat like I preach. I lost 25 pounds, then plateaued and have stop loosing I need to get back to eating the way I lost the weight.

Keep up the good work!

Walker said...

That's fantastic news.
If you eat properly and don;t think about loosing weight it seems to fall off faster than when you concentrate on loosing it.
Keep up the not dieting :)