Sunday, December 21, 2008

The count down is on

Here at our house the grand kids are happily counting down the days left till Christmas.
But here is a small but funny little tid-bit:
Youngest grandson who is just 23 months old(at the end of this month at least he will be). We have been teaching him to talk.
We tell him to say Uncle so and so. Well Now he has one great uncle named (ok sorry but I gotta use the name in order for this to work so apologies ahead of time) Chris. But little Lj wont say Chris. Every time we say Uncle Chris He says Uncle Hot dog! Every single time. Some times I will say can you say Chris? and he comes back with Hot dog. Now Lj hasn't seen Uncle Chris since he was about 6 maybe 8 months old. SO where he came up with Hot dog we aren't sure but it is funny. So here I am trying to get Lj to say Merry Christmas. Yep you got it, He says Merry Hot dog! Christmas sounds too much like Chris so to him its hot dog! LOL. He is just a total cutie.

Anyways I know your all busy and getting ready for the day, But I'd like to ask you a question. What if any traditions do you have at your home that makes Christmas special for you and yours? Now even if your single there must be some tradition that your family does every year that makes your families Christmas special. From the food you make to stories you tell to even the decorations on your tree. I would like you to share them with me. I will start the ball rolling.

Here I decorate....(over decorate Mr Gab says) Well ok maybe I do go over board a little but I love the whole Jesus born Christmas day as well as all the different ornaments I collect that make my Christmas special.
I have about 7 miniature trees. One tree has Disney Ornaments, One tree has John Deere ornaments,One tree has coke ornaments, and for heavens sakes I don't remember what all I have. But each tree has a theme. The reason I cant remember is they are still at home in SD. I haven't used those in 4 years. I also have a whole collection of Liberty Falls Buildings that I use to decorate(this year I didn't put them up because we just didn't have the room to do it) I also have some Coke Buildings that were for members only that I also use. Then of course we decorate the outside. and it seems every year I add more to what was the year before thanks to garage sales.
As for food. Well it's usually either Ham or Turkey. This year will be Turkey. My daughter will again make the Scalloped Oysters that was my moms tradition every year. I have these green dishes that I have collected over the years (they all match)

that I use to hold the olives pickles etc.(they too are in SD so I have been using some Tupperware that is meant for condiments like jelly or honey has three cups that sit in a holder that will hold all nicely).

I can compromise, when I have too but I try to stick with each thing that everyone knows that I use and look fore wards to seeing them at Christmas(and sometimes Thanksgiving)
On Christmas eve we leave the Christmas lights inside and outside on all night so "Santa" can find us.
The kids are up by about 6am and I make them wait till I can get up. Then each kid gets one present and they take turns opening theirs before they get the next gift. Then its breakfast and preparations of dinner. Of course if there are Christmas specials on TV they will be on and of course "football". These are some of my traditions that we do each and every year.

So take a minute and share yours will you?


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening, thanks for your visit to my place today..I have been busy with family at my house for dinner and gift exchanging...we go out of town for Christmas to our youngest grands and adult daughters..

You ask the meaning of white lights at Christmas... the spiritual meaning of white lights stand for the Purity of Christ!!!

Have a wonderful White Christmas..

robinslife said...


Hope you and yours has a very merry christmas.. It has been a very short year I think time went by way too fast.

love you Robin

Walker said...

I have one of those dishes somewhere I think.
The countdown is over Merry Christmas to you and yours