Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seeing red

Ok I'm so mad right now Im seeing red! Sooo instead of doing a post today of what Im mad about(I need a little time to cool off) I will give you some new pictures of Lucky and Pumpkin. I hope you enjoy them even if you dont really like cats! (p.s. furnace went out again...guess we have no choice but to get new one now!)

Here is Lucky checking out what I'm eating. He now has a nasty little habit of trying to either get into your bowl or on your plate while your eating or actually tries to take food outta your mouth. He did that to Mr Gab the other day and bit his lip and Lucky went flying. No he wasnt hurt but he sure knew not to try that again!

Lucky sitting on my lap where its warm.
Lucky and Pumpkin both sitting on my lap. I've got a quilt on so I'm a warm spot!
Here are the two cats sleeping together on back of couch. Can you see that they are facing different directions?
Sorry about this one. There was so much sun coming in and I didnt want to lose the picture. Lucky is actually sitting on Pumpkin, and Pumpkin is letting him!


barman said...

Oh no, the furnace. I had mine go out and I was lucky. I only had to wait a little while for them to come out. Then they had to come back back I was not charged for that one. I had to have it serviced once more in winter of course. After that I replaced the furnace as it was getting up there in age a little and I was warned about the heat exchange being a problem in the near future. That is all behind me now.

Love the cute cat pictures and I think the last picture they were both fighting to be in the nice warm sunlight. From what I can tell cats love the sunlight especially this time of the year.

Man, Lucky better watch out. My Dad had his leg viciously attacked by our cat at the time, Tiger. Tiger was pissed off because we were not letting him go outside when ever he wanted. My Dad launched that cat across the room and within a day or two Tiger had a new home on the farm somewhere. At least that is what my parents say happened to him.

You need to update Lucky's picture on Catster now. The top picture should work pretty good.

I hope you cool down soon.

G-Man said...

Argggghhhh, Mine is 22 years old. Although I do have a wood stove, I have no wood...I mean to burn!
I hope you get a good deal on a new one Gabby....G

Walker said...

I love cats and your looks cute.
Mine is racing around the house as we speak and he's 19 and still a kitten with attitude of course

BTExpress said...

Merry Christmas!