Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm a good daughter and a stinker too.

Last week when I was at my dad's house he talked about one of his cats dying and saying that he should go over to the humane society and getting another cat.
Well, I told Mr Gab this and he's like I should see if they have any large cats to get rid of at one of these Vet's that I go to. I said yeah and find out what it cost to adopt one. Well soon Mr Gab came home one night tossed me his cell and said "look" So I went to the pictures and seen two beautiful cats one Female one male. So I said I'm going to email these to my sister C and see which one she likes. So I did. Then I talked to her the next morning and asked her which one she liked. She hadn't been online yet so while I waited for her to download the pics we talked. Then I heard Awww that one is cute. I said which one she said the Male one. SO I said well check out the female one too. So she did and again I hear awww shes cute too. And I say well which one should we get dad? And she's like I don't know why do you do this to me? And I say cause I couldn't make up my mind either.
SO I tell Mr Gab you pick and surprise us.
Well, then I get to thinking (man I gotta stop doing that) What if dad wasn't serious what if he really don't want a cat? So I call sister C and say "call dad and tell him Mr Gab has a cat that needs a home and would he like it?" So she calls dad and asks. Soon she calls me on my cell and asks "how old is this cat?" I say Oh two or three.
Dad says yeah that's ok, then he ask is it male or female? Now I laugh my you know what off. Well honest! I had no idea which one Mr Gab was picking. SO I say I don't know. Well dad says that's alright bring the cat up.
SO Mr Gab brings home the male cat last night and oh is he pretty. And this morning I drive up to dad's house and I take the cat in and now dad is in love with this cat. They usually go see my sister D on Thus. but today dad didn't want to go he claimed he wasn't up to it. I think and this is what I told sister C that he just wanted to get to know his new cat better. Well I must say I made my dad really happy. Even if I made sister C do all the dirty work of calling and checking with dad.
When I left he was pretty happy with his new friend. Funny thing.....when I was a kid growing up he "hated" cats! really!!!!
I think he like them now because he is lonely and they are what keeps him going they give him a reason to live. Either way I'm glad sister C and I decided to go ahead a get one of the cats.


rosie said...

Very sweet story,Gab.My hubby is the same way about cats.He never liked them till we got Smokie almost 8 yrs ago.Then we got Abby 2 yrs ago.He would be like me and be very upset if anything happened to them.I will take pics of them soon and post them on here.I love the pics of yours!

barman said...

Great story and you know, sometimes you just need to do what the person really wants, not what they say.

You done good.

Walker said...

I am sure you made his very happy and a new cat will help fill that void of loosing one.
I am a cat person mostly but i am looking for a diog now.
Do the have dogs that shovel snow?