Monday, December 08, 2008

And the winner is........(and other things)

The Vikings!

I can't believe it. MN Vikings won again yesterday. And we played a great team Detroit. and I have several good friends in Michigan and all I can say is nah nah nah we beat you! LOL

Ok sorry I just had to do that because so many people think our Vikes stink. And sometimes I agree. But so far this year they are doing an amazing job.

Then last night I went to a friends church for Advent. and had a wonderful time. All except singing. I still cant. Even more so with this dang cold. They had some appetizers and cookies and candies. and I was good I had one candy and one cookie. They had some Ice Cream and I made sure the cup I had had the least amount in it so that I ended up with maybe two bites. I want to keep going on loosing this extra weight and even though I'm semi trying I hope that I can still drop it. This is of course the worst time of year to lose weight with all the Christmas candies and cookies. I even plan on making some but I also plan on watching how many I eat. (as few as possible! or none at all)

Here is what my grandkids did this weekend. We havent used tinsel in years but I thought why not(silly me forgot the kitten) So far both cats have left the tree and decorations alone. I think the grandkids did a wonderful job decorating grandma and grandpa's tree. What do you think?

And today I have a house full of sick grandkids. Two have the flu one has strep and baby is well(so far) Glad I got a flu shot!


Walker said...

The Lions stink more than the Vikings do.
I'm a Broncos fan and they stink to and they won aswell.
The tree looks great but I'm thinking you will have two cat decoations in it eventually HA HA HA

The mother of the boys :) said...

I think that the tree looks great! I could be biased though LOL I can not belive that three of the 4 boys are sick on the same day. I really do not know which is worse having them all sick in one day or having them sick spread out over the span of a week? Thoughts??

gab said...

The mother of the boys: Well lets see all sick at same time vs sick spread out? I guess cause I have them most of the time while you are at work I'd have to say same time because when they get over it hoopefully they are over it. As to if spead out the others have a chance of getting sick again! Oh woes me! lol.

robinslife said...

Beautiful Tree! Wow.. cool

Love robin.. your cuz and miss you.. :) Smile every day. Remember the rainbow that comes after the rain. and Love that bright sun that shines on you face when you get up in the am..

Again love robin

barman said...

As was said, the Vikings do stick, the Lions just stink a whole lot worse. I have been pulling for us to lose all 16 games this season. Knowing the Lions they will go and win one and it will mst likely be against a real good teamm go figure.

The trees are lovely. Good luck with the sickies. I am sick to but not to bad. I guess it is to late to ask for a 70 degree day now.

rosie said...

The trees look great,Gab!!! Ours is just a little bitty old thing sitting on a table.But at least we have the Christmas spirit,right?? Hope you and grandbabies feel better soon!

John said...

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