Monday, December 29, 2008

Ive been tagged!

Thanks to Walker Ive been tagged. This seems really easy to do so I shouldn't have much trouble there. It will be tagging the 7 bloggers. lol

List 10 honest things about myself (TRUE and interesting things - not just the color of yours socks!)

ok so here goes.

1)Ive always wanted to be a nurse. My dad told me to join the Army to get all my training. So I went down and signed up. The training went well, we practiced giving shots to oranges. But when it came to sticking a needle into a real persons arm I couldn't do it. The Sargent told me to go home and have babies. He said women were only good for two things being a nurse (which I just failed at) and being a mom.(boy he would be in real trouble today if he said that to any women).

2) Ive always had to call my mom when I got upset. She was the only one who could get me settled down. Its been really hard since she passed Ive picked up the phone so many times to call her only to realise she wont be there. Now I usually call my sister or one of my girlfriends from high school to vent.

3)I love cats and have had at least one cat all my live except for one year when Mr Gab and I lived in an apartment. My first cat I got when I was two years old. I carried her home with both my hands around her neck. She didn't protest. I couldn't say cat nor kitten so her name became keeeeee, (sounds like key).

4)I also love dogs and for most of my life I have had 2 dogs. Our last dog was while we lived in SD. He was a toy poodle and something else mixed and man was he one hyper dog. We ended up taking him to the shelter, only to have one of our neighbors up the road adopt him. I really miss not having a dog but Ive been working on Mr Gab to get at least one.

4) I have a Handicapped sister. When we used to go shopping people would stop and stare or pull their kids away from us. I would lose my temper and shout at these people calling them "morons" and worse.

5)I swear like a sailor! Its a very bad habit that I picked up as a child(I started at age 10)It mostly started because of people who treated us different because of my handicapped sister. My dad has a very bad temper which I have as well. Unfortunately I didn't bother to stop it while my kids were small so they have it as well, but I have been holding it back with my grand kids. They have to do something really bad to see that temper.

6)I like to wear shorts and go barefoot all year round and have been known to go out into the snow like that. I really don't like shoes. Most woman have a closet full of shoes where I have just 3 pairs to my name. Plus 1 pair of slippers and 1 pair of boots.

7) when other girls were out flirting with boys I was taking auto mechanics in school and working on cars. I was what many called a "tomboy" I didn't notice boys until my senior year and then I just didn't give a damn! After school I went to work never really expecting to get married. I wanted to I just didn't think I would. I also told my girlfriends I was going to have 22 kids and no husband!(man am I glad that didn't come about)

8)I don't like living in this house. In fact I didn't want to buy this one but Mr Gab talked me into it. Ive always hated this house. But have made do. When we moved to SD the house we bought has some of the same characteristic's as this one.It has an open floor plan like this one, but the kitchen is bigger than this one and there is a true dining room where here there is an eat in area. The bathroom out there is bigger than this one. But there is no basement just a crawl space where here we have a full basement. Both houses are on corner lots and double lots at that. Both have 4 car garages. I guess I just wanted a house that reminded me of this one after all we have lived here for 25 years before we moved there for 5 years and then came back here. I am more at home in SD than here in MN.

9)I can drive a stick and when I get into a car with a stick I become this "woman" who thinks she is showing off. Some how when I get into that car its like no other woman but me can drive a stick. It really goes to my head. But in truth I don't really like driving a stick so I always talk Mr Gab into making sure its an automatic before we buy it.

10)I am a very friendly person who most say I'm out going. But actually I'm very shy. One of the things my material grandmother told me was talk to everyone even if you don't know them because they may be your best friend you just don't know it yet. When I worked in the nursing home I was the minority. But I talked to everyone. One guy who would never answer me but I kept talking to anyways finally turned to me one day and asked me why? I said why what? He said why are you talking to me your white I'm black. I got so mad and said what is the differences between you and me? Other than the fact that you are male? I said you eat like me, you breath like me, you talk like me, you dress like me (one leg in at a time sorta thing)and if you get cut you bleed like me. So I said what is the difference? Then I said OH OH WAIT. I held my arm next to his and said. I know whats different....You have a helluva better tan than me. He started to laugh and from that day on we were good friends.

So there ya have it. 10 true things about me that most don't know or maybe thought they did now they know for sure.
and the 7 bloggers.......are
Book binder.


lime said...

i'm not even wearing socks so i can't cheat that way. i would like to give that sargent a shot in the ass though.

VE said...

Ha ha...Lime gets tagged for every meme in existence!!

Thanks for stopping by. If you swear like a sailor I'll give you credit...I didn't see a single one on your post.

Walker said...

This was great.
Yeah that sarent would have been drummed out of the boy scouts today.

I can see how you would be frustrated at thos epeople who are ignorant of others.

I bet if they painted the arms orange you could have done it

G-Man said...

You Swear?...Tsk Tsk Tsk