Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good bye to a friend.

Death is hard no matter what the situation. My dear dear friend that Ive know since I was about 13, hubby died this morning. They knew it was coming as he had had kidney failure and some other problems that usually take the persons life after awhile. He'd been going back and forth for 4 years now and I guess his body just couldn't take it any more.
I wish more than any thing if I could be there with her.The funeral is Monday. But she lives in MI.
I just don't have the money to travel out there to be with her. So I talk to her when I can on line and if she calls I'll be there for her too. I don't want to call her for fear that she might be in the middle of something like folks visiting so I just wait to hear from her.
Our story is very unique in the way we met and got to know each other through out the years. And one day soon I will tell you it. Its kinda funny and kinda strange.
In the mean time please pray for strength for my friend as she may be left out in the cold. She may loose her house and everything else.
I wish I was there but in the mean time I love you Dawn! and may god be with you in this time of need.


barman said...

Times are tough in Michigan without having medical bills too and not having your companion there. I wish her well and will say prayers for Dawn.

Walker said...

Its hard being sick with little hope. I hope during their last years tyogether they enjoyed their company more than they dwelled on the inevitable