Friday, June 21, 2013

Ok waiting for number 3

Well you know the old saying bad things come in 3's? We my last post was about our friend who was also our oldest son's god mother. Well Today was my aunt's funeral. She was only my aunt by marriage.. She married my mom's brother Charles.
She had MS. And she fought a hard battle and lost it on Weds of this week.
So I'm now waiting for the other shoe to drop the number 3. In secret Im hoping and praying that maybe it will skip the 3rd one. just once I'd like to not have to have bad new come in 3's! PLEEEEASE


SignGurl said...

That's such a horrible saying but I've also found it always to be true. Maybe it's because we look for that last shoe to drop. I'm praying for good things, Gab.

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