Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Well it does matter to someone

The lies, the back stabbing, the stealing all of it matters to someone. They may never say so, but it does. And the worst part is when its your own family doing it. AH yes family. They are the worst in doing things to hurt others.
I've learned with my own children just to let it go because no matter how many times you say anything to them they will deny it PLUS then they will go home and talk behind your back bad shit about you and say oh your crazy and shit like that. Sisters and brothers do it too.
I always wonder about these families who spend so much time going to church how they all feel when it them who lie? or steal? How do they justify it? to them selves? to god? to the ones they do it too? The voice of experience tells me its gotta hurt like hell either way whether your the one doing it to another or the one who its being done too.
It's too bad they can't just come forward say I'm sorry lets fix this. But nope most times it splits them apart to where most of them never talk to them again! Then when they pass they stand there saying shit like oh I wish we had the chance to make it up I so missed them! DO IT NOW STUPID!!!!!  Dont wait till its too late,  FIX IT NOW. because it matters.......................to someone....................and they probably are hurting....................so it's up to you to fix it...fix it now....................

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Walker said...

Everyone lies, even God.
If those god fearing people didn't lie they wouldn't have a need for confession booths.
Look at Oral Roberts.
He lkied to his whole flock to get more money.
"If I don;t get millions of dollars God will take me away".
He got his money and look what God did, he took him anyway.
Who lied, HA HA HA

In my family we do little shit, steal a dollar from the table and deny it.
Then fight like mortal enemies but when it's time to be family all things are set aside and we are family and we pity the fool that tries to mess with that.
I think in the end most families are this way.

As for family members who don;t make up, well i think its a combination of fear and stubbornness.
Scared to admit they were wrong or to stubborn to remember family is more important.
This is where a baseball bat come in handy.
Give it to Mr Gab and tell him to beat the fuck out of all the little bastards.
Hmmm I guess i am a little like my father after all.

Now, I know i haven't been around much, you think you have problems, 6 funerals here.

So I hope you had a great time during the holidays and I hope this year is a good one for you.

Oh, aluminum bat, wooden ones hurt to much.