Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I can't understand

What makes a person go back to a person they know has done bad things before? Just because they say they have changed? Well ok some do change But honestly to put your whole life into their hands to claim to love them and possibly want to marry them after all the dirty crap they have done to you? NO NO NO!!
AND BIG SURPRISE he does it again.....................Leopards cant change their spots and he wont change either.
Now your life is in the crapper and you have to dig from the bottom again and this time its not only you your pulling up from that bottom it you and four more.
And of course we sat here telling you no dont do it. but of course you didnt listen and now your crying on our shoulders and the stress is hurting both of us and you. Some times I know you gotta let them fall and pick themselves up and fall again BUT GOOD GOD SAME PERSON? again and again? Sigh.....................I need a vacation

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