Saturday, March 30, 2013

More about the truck

You've seen the pics below (if not go look) We bought a 2003 F350 Diesel Ford Pickup that's loaded.
It got auto start, gps and omg I don't know every thing else but start talking to Mr Gab and you can talk for hours about the truck!!!!!
I drove it home from the dealer. YES ME! and I drove it all around yesterday......2 things I gotta learn.......ONE WATCH MY SPEED.....IT GOES MUCH FASTER THAN THE DURANGO  at a very small touch of the foot feed! and TWO IT'S MUCH BIGGER THAN THE DURANGO SO WATCH IT WHEN PARKING .....I hit a parked well ok lets rephrase that.... I bumped the car in front of me. No damage no nothing but shocked me that I was already that close to car in front of me. I worry about the cost of diesel but hell gas is expensive too so I guess it works out all most the same. And yeah in the winter we gotta be careful of it gelling but I hope we soon will be in Florida. But a F350 pick up that runs in our price range was a dream come true.
The morning after we bought it I said to Mr Gab "you know I love that truck. But its just the two of us and we are older so do we really need a truck that big?" and he said "NO But we want it and we deserve it and we got it and that's it" So I laughed and go ok. Then he said if we take really good care of it it should be the last vehicle we ever own, and at the mileage it has now it hasn't even been broken in yet. SO Mr. Gab is so very happy its been his dream for such a long time to own a F350 and now he has one. And I'm happy its a very nice truck. Not a color I would have picked but I ain't gonna complain! we got a really good deal


Walker said...

Happy Easter

That's a nice truck.
You get more milage with deisel that gas so you shouldnt worry to much aboiut the fuel prices as you will be saving money on fuel with it.2

G-Man said...

Diesels don't get THAT much better mileage, and at 4.16 a gallon?
And a ONE TON?
What are you pulling that weighs 10,000 #'s?
Good Luck sweetie....
You do deserve to get what you want!