Saturday, March 09, 2013

I love those kinda of days

Yesterday Mr Gab and I went out to breakfast at Baker's Square. Now for the longest time we stopped eating there because their menu had changed and they didn't have any thing either of us liked. But our daughter's on-again/off-again boyfriend works there and told us they brought back some of the old favorites so we went back and found we liked their breakfasts again. So here we are sitting chatting and eating when I looked up at the window and what do I see? 2 of our grandsons making their way into the restaurant with said boyfriend.
Well let me tell you the smiles on their faces when they seen us and they ran across the restaurant to give us hugs and kisses! Then they wanted to sit with us. But we were almost finished eating plus the table we were at would not accommodate 3 more people. Their faces fell but they took the table right behind us. We had a few more hugs and kisses and then said good-bye and we were on our way.
We then we to the bank, then off to the city to pay our water bill, then over to Target Optical to get our new glasses.
The good news is I can see......The bad news is I can't use the new glasses while on the computer which is where I am 99% of the day! I checked the ones I'm wearing (the pitted and scratched and worn ones) to see if they had numbers on for strength but couldn't find any so, my next option is to take them over to Target Optical and see if they can tell me what it is so I can find another pair like these for just the computer! But it is oh so nice to be able to put on a pair of glasses and not try to adjust them to try to see the words I'm looking at! But there is bad news with this as well.
I have cataracts on both eyes and as soon as I can no longer see with these glasses its surgery time. But of course it doesn't stop there......
One of the medicines I take is causing some kinda thing growing at the back of my right eye. So The ophthalmologists I seen wants me back in 3 months to keep an eye on it Plus talk to my Doctor about either lower the amount I take or getting off it completely.
Monday I go in for my next set of injections this time on my left side. If its anything like last time I will be out of commission for about 3 days well 2 really but the 3rd day I still am hurting just not as bad as the first 2 and I usually am moving better by then! And on those first 2 days I wont feel much like playing on the computer either.
But if its helps any at all like last time I should be able to walk almost totally by myself (maybe even with out a cane) and do some more activities around the house. The first ones in my right hip and back have let me stand and load dish washer all at one time instead of loading a few sitting down loading more sitting down. I was even able to wash pots and pans which before I couldn't even stand long enough to do them. AND MY BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT was I made Mr Gab Breakfast one morning with out having to say take over I cant stand their any more!!!! And of course sleeping on my right side at night was so much nicer than tossing and turning all night long that I finally am (well almost totally) rested!
My thing now is the nightmares Ive been having But thats a whole different BLOG!
Be nice to one another and remember you don't know if you will be here again tomorrow that's totally up to God!

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