Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yes Virginia bad things do come in 3's

Well, let me tell ya the last 24 hours have been literally hell. I really don't have a photo for this sat's photo hunt so I won't be doing that. But instead let me tell ya what has been going on in the last 24 hours. Now you know our house was in foreclosure, and we spent over 4,000 to get it out of foreclosure. Ok so bad thing #1 right?

It all started out daughter was planning to go out of town yesterday. Her flight got canceled. But after some calling and what nots she was scheduled to be outta here this morning. Ok not my fault right? right! She made arraignments for 3 of her 4 boys to be gone leaving me the second oldest. Well that to was ok. SO she left last night to spend some time with friends and Aj wanted to go out and eat.

Soooo I took him out to eat. First mistake was thinking we could get into Red Lobster on a friday night. So when we found the wait was toooooo long we took off to find another place to eat. We ended up at Perkins (big difference huh?) and had the worse ever food. I complained but manager did nothing but look at me like I was a growth he was afraid to touch.
After dinner we headed home.
I walked in took off my jacket and geeeee it seemed really cold in the house. Oh wait I had the oven on because I made Banana bread. SO I sat down messed around on computer and then woke up Mr Gab. Geee it still seemed really cold which I told Mr Gab while he was shaving to get ready for work. I walked out to where our thermostat is and looked at it. It said 64* brrrrrrr.
SO I tell Mr Gab. He comes out and looks at it and says do we have a new battery? SO I grab a new battery. Heard the furnace kick on and some warm air and whoo-hoo I was happy............until
Mr Gab got done with his shower and went straight into the basement without putting more clothes on. Time ticked by and all of a sudden I thought gee he's been down there a long time and its the time he usually leaves for work and he's not dressed yet. So I Begin to worry a little and I got up and went to basement door to check on him.
I yell down the steps to make sure he's ok. He answers but then he goes hun you need to call the repair people to come fix the furnace tonight!!!!!
Tonight I say do you realise its after 9 pm and your leaving for work? Yes he says and it has to be tonight so the water pipes dont freeze and break.
SO I go and call # 1 ....which is CenterPoint Energy. They used to be minnegasco. I tell them I need my furnace fixed. They tell me We can't send anyone until tomorrow. Ummmm tomorrow is to late I need some one tonight. Call # 2 ..... a company listed in book in our neighborhood. Can you come tonight I ask. No sorry we don't come out after 9pm. huh? Are you kidding me?
Call # 3... another close in neighborhood but says they work 24 hours. Yes they can come out what kind of furnace is it? I say Whirlpool. They say sorry we don't work on those.
Call #4... Ok In not sure where they were listed but I called because they advertised 24 hrs all metro neighborhoods. YES they can come out tonight and yes they work on all brands......
but..............cost just to come to house was $109.00. then what ever parts cost. I say ok I gotta have it fixed .
So 11 pm guy comes looks at furnace and then says part will cost me $199.00 I say ok I gotta have it.
SO by 12:30 am I owe the guy $308.00. And I really don't have the money to cover it but some how I will find it I say before you deposit the check (after all I just paid for house remember?) Bad thing # 2

Now today ...........................
I get up early. I want to go out to see both of my sisters, my dad, my girlfriend from high school and our youngest son and his boys because I missed the youngest one's birthday (bad grandma)
And My one sister went to work at 12:30 pm so I had to really cram time. SO I got up took a shower got dressed and got Aj up. Then, Mr Gab got home so I kissed him good bye told him to have a nice sleep house will be quiet, set his alarm and off Aj and I went.
We stopped at sister number 1 who is handicapped. I spent about 1/2 hr with her.
Drove up to sister number 2. Now here is where it gets funny and I played a joke. I have been telling sister number 2 I was coming up several weekends in a row only to have been to tired to sick or whatever, and I cant make it much to my niece's disappointment. I wanted to go up when both my nephews were home being in collage and only home every so often and the other just busy working and being a teen. I would tell my sister I was coming then the day I was to come I'd call and say not this time. (my poor niece would get all excited then boom!)
So yesterday I call and say I'm coming up tomorrow. Ok its planned once again. Then this morning when I'm on my way to sister number 1's house I call sister number 2 to make sure she's up and my niece answers the phone. NOW MIND YOU I ALREADY CAN HEAR THE DISAPPOINTMENT IN HER VOICE WHEN SHE HEARS IT'S ME CALLING!
So I say to my sister she thinks I'm not coming again doesn't she and she says yes. I say well I am on my way but don't tell her lets surprise her. (aren't I a stinker?)
SO my sister agrees not to let her know I'm on my way she will play along. We hang up. While I go on to sister number 1's house sister number 2 is telling her daughter that auntie Gab might not make it. And niece replies So what else is new? lol
I get done with sister number 1 and call back sister number 2 and see how our little plan is working and she says she thinks your not coming. I say great cant wait to see her face.
SO I drive up get out go in and niece is totally surprised. So I spend about 2 1/2 hrs with sister, niece and her brother(not one from collage) we had a great time and I loved being a stinker! SO I head out to my dad's. But........................
here it come folks the dreaded number 3.
I'm stopped at a red changes I step on gas car dies. After a few tries I get it started.
I go to my dad's spend about an hour there then head to my high school girlfriends apartment.
I got there and why oh why I shut off the car I'll never know I can't get it started at all.
SO I call Mr Gab, then I call youngest son. And then my battery goes dead on my cell...OH AND THAT"S A LAUGH IN IT SELF! I was plugging my power charger cord into the one that you would use while you were driving not realising that I need the cigarette lighter spot to actually charge my phone. dumb dumb dumb and dang it I'm not blond! LOL
Well youngest son gets there and we are talking and I say oh yeah dad says to try turning the key over. SO he tries one side...won't start turns key over and what do you know it starts. SO I mark the side so I make sure I knwo which side to put in........but nothing is ever that easy. We all go out to a very late lunch. Talk laugh and eat. Then we go out and I take my girlfriend home and we head to where Mr Gab is working as I'm bringing him some lucnh too. Now mind you we get there and then I say ok lets go shopping for grandson's late birthday present. SO we get out to car....................................and guess what? it doesnt start!
SO I look at the key and yes its the mark so I flip the key over........but no still doesnt start. SO youngest son goes and gets his dad and Mr Gab comes out and he tries it. Still doesnt start. SO He takes his key out and tries it.......................and it starts. SO he tries mine again and it starts.
But Mr Gab now doesnt want me to be stranded up there so he says go on home and we will worry about grandson's birthday later. SO I start for home...with Mr Gab's key just in case. I only had a few minor non running incedents coming home but dang people enough is enough.
and how was your weekend?


Walker said...

I hate when shit happens.
How is my weekend, well you don;t wanrt to know so lets just say the weekend starts from NOW.

Have a great weekend

Little Wing said...

Gab that was insane!!!!!
Your bad luck started when Red Lobster was too crowded!!!!!
I don't know about Perkins but Red Lobster is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!
Maybe your luck will improve, I hope it doesn't get any worse!!!!!!!!
12:30 a.m. to have your heater fixed??????????
Well on the bright side you got to see everyone you wanted to see!!!!!!!!!

SIMPLY ME said...

dang Gab, that's alot of trouble for one weekend, i'm worn out reading it, LOL. Yes, i got my hair cut and i now blow it dry straight. i have natural curls and before i just let it dry on its own. doing something different, thanks for noticing.

SignGurl said...

You poor thing! You just keep getting kicked when you are down. I hope your luck changes soon. At least no one was hurt or sick.

barman said...

You know if things were real bad at Perkins, you could probably write the store and corporate. I would think they would make it up to you.

What a nasty weekend for sure. I hope the bad is all over.

I got to see a cheerleading (including stunting), many bball games, some sort of girl scout crossing dressing then (or was that crossing over, I really don't remember) and also got to play Tim the Tool Man for my parents. It was a pretty good weekend.

I think it is time to send you a bunch of rabbits feet.